Adam Cole Shares Feelings On WWE’s Decision To Break Up Undisputed Era

NXT Superstar Adam Cole recently spoke with TalkSport about all things wrestling and NXT, including the WWE deciding to split the extremely popular and dominant group Undisputed Era. While all good things eventually come to an end, Cole gave this thoughts on the decision to have the group disband.

The Undisputed Era had the makings to be the next great faction in WWE; they were certainly the most dominant faction in NXT. Cole arrived on the scene and he was quickly followed on the same show by Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Those three were later joined by Roderick Strong and foursome became unstoppable.

The group was highly decorated and they could have had a much longer run so it came as a shock to many fans when the faction didn’t get a chance to tear up the main roster and debut as a group on either Raw or SmackDown. Cole was asked how he felt about the group splitting. He said he was mixed.

“It was conflicting emotions. I had been, literally, attached to the hip to Kyle, Bobby and then Roddy my entire run in NXT,” said Cole. He added, “Everything I had known about my time in NXT was Undisputed Era. Going in a different direction was scary.”

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He noted that the breakup happened really fast. There wasn’t a big, long, drawn-out plan to break up the group. He noted, “It wasn’t this thing that we were preparing for, it was something that fell into our laps. We had very little time to process it or think about it, but looking at it now, I absolutely think it was the right call.”

You Can Never Be Ready For Something So Good To End

While most of the members of the group have the potential to go on and be big singles stars, even if that opportunity to shine on your own is something you’re looking forward to, Cole suggests you can never be totally ready.

“It’s never going to feel – especially when you have the chemistry we had – it’s never going to feel like the perfect time,” Cole noted. “However, I do think development-wise for all of us individually, it’s been really, really important.”

Cole and O’Reilly are getting their pushes and Strong is the leader of the new Diamond Mine faction. It looks like they’ll all be just fine.

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