Drew McIntyre Says Released WWE Stars Could Do The Same As He Did

Drew McIntyre has advised the wrestlers released by WWE to follow in his footsteps and reinvent themselves, insisting there’s an opportunity to become even bigger despite the unfortunate circumstances.


WWE has kept up the practice of releasing talent and it’s nothing McIntyre isn’t used to, having found himself in the same situation back in 2014. He went on to make a name for himself on the independent scene in his native Scotland, as well as in the U.S. The former WWE Champion also had a stint in Impact Wrestling before being brought back to WWE via the NXT route in 2017.



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Drew McIntyre makes his entrance

A freshly motivated Mcintyre went on to dominate NXT, becoming champion en route to a move up to the main roster, where he’s since become one of the biggest names on the brand.


Speaking to the International Business Times, the 36-year-old urged the released superstars to create their own buzz out there.



“You know, when the releases happen, it’s a sad time,” he was quoted as saying. ” We’re gonna miss seeing a lot of our superstars regularly every week (on) television. But at the same time, it is a huge opportunity. That’s the way I look at it.”


“Perhaps some of the superstars that were released weren’t particularly happy with their position. Now, they have an opportunity to go out there and reinvent themselves and the world’s opening back up. The wrestling scene was thriving and will be thriving again very soon with live fans back in the building all across the world. And they’ll get the chance to go out there and try something different. Really make their own name and create their own buzz.”


Do As Drew Did

Drew McIntyre With Sword

The former champ described his own experience after getting dropped from the WWE roster several years ago, adding the recently cut stars could do exactly as he did.


“I was so fortunate that when I was released from the WWE, that’s exactly what my mindset was–I’m gonna put the image out that I see myself as, as opposed to what others see me as. Thankfully, it caught on. I was given a lot of opportunities outside of WWE to make my name and it brought me back to WWE and to the top of the mountain.”


“There are so many talented individuals that just got released. They can do exactly the same [as I did]. If they’ve got the work ethic and the passion, they’re gonna make it happen and I’ll see them all again one day.

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