Has Daniel Bryan Been Pulled From All WWE Related Side Projects?

According to a new report, there may be a recent indication that Daniel Bryan is not only not under contract with WWE, but that he may not be coming back anytime soon. At least, if the lack of him being included in off-tv projects is an indicator.


Wrestling Observer Live’s, Bryan Alvarez is reporting that Bryan has been pulled from non-WWE and WWE side projects. These include new video games that he was slated to be a part of.


Alvarez notes said that WWE does not like to include former stars that are not under contract in their games, especially if those former stars are potentially going to wrestle elsewhere. This could be one of the reasons that rumors the video game department was “alerted today that this person, this person, this person, this person, this person no longer with WWE and one of the people they mentioned was Daniel Bryan.”



While Alvarez didn’t seem to say definitively that it was exclusively that video game producers were told not to include Bryan, he seems to think what he’s hearing is an indication Bryan will be removed from all WWE projects because he’s officially no longer with the company.


Daniel Bryan in WWE

Could WWE Be Trying To Keep Something Hidden?

As much as Bryan being potentially removed from all WWE projects is an indication he’s done and could be moving on, it could be that the company is just keeping future plans quiet. One good indication (as we saw with Sting) that a performer has left is that all their merchandise has been removed from WWE Shop. Bryan’s stuff is all still there.


There are rumors that Bryan could return on the July 16th SmackDown in front of live fans, but that’s all still just speculation based on his name being mentioned on SmackDown.


All we know… if the video game department has been asked to remove him and he’s coming back, they probably won’t be terribly pleased to have to scramble and add him back in.

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