What Should WWE Do With Roman Reigns After Jimmy Uso’s Arrest

Jimmy Uso has potentially stepped in it. Reports surfaced this week that he was arrested for a second time after being pulled over and under the influence of alcohol while driving. The first time, not much happened. The second time, it’s hard to imagine WWE doesn’t put their foot down.

As has been reported, Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI on Monday night. He was stopped after speeding through a red light, and police discovered his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Uso was arrested and charged with a DUI, as well as speeding and for running a red light.

Clearly, this is not a good look for WWE. For multiple reasons, the timing is also incredibly bad. Jimmy Uso is playing a major role in the biggest storyline on SmackDown each week and if WWE removes him from that storyline or suspends the Superstar based on him receiving this second strike, there will be fallout.

When it comes to Jimmy, he’ll need to reap what he sowed. He’ll have no one to blame but himself if he’s pulled from programming or removed from the company for the foreseeable future. Perhaps that’s best is he’s ever going to learn his lesson. As far as everyone else goes, they will have to take on the brunt of his mistake.

That Fallout Starts With Jey Uso & Jimmy being on television gave Jey a break. The right-hand man to the Universal Champion hasn’t been seen on SmackDown in weeks, the latest word (creatively) was that Jey wasn’t coming back. How long can WWE continue with that direction if Jimmy is gone?

Yes, Reigns and Paul Heyman can get by without Jey, but that’s not good for Jey’s long-term character arc. Having Jimmy around is a constant reminder that Jey is missing. No Jimmy means Reigns and Heyman don’t talk about the Usos much. They just move on.

The Fallout Extends To Roman Reigns Beyond Jey, Reigns takes the biggest hit creatively. His entire current schtick is centered around the fact that he’s at the head of the table when it comes to his own family. If his own family isn’t on television, what does that really mean anymore?

And, if Reigns has to go a different direction, can WWE shift gears and keep his momentum going? Reigns is arguably the hottest thing in WWE right now. He’s certainly the most popular part of SmackDown each week. He often closes and ends each show and the fans are finally alright with that because his work as a heel has been so incredible. Does he have the same impact if he’s simply a heel with no real motivation, other than to hang onto his championship?

How Does WWE Address This?Whether Jimmy is suspended or not, does the company talk about the elephant in the room? Over the past few weeks, one the biggest and most important elements is that the cousins properly respect and reflect the legacy of Anoa’i family. How can Reigns ignore the fact that Jimmy is all over the news for the wrong reasons?

Roman Reigns SmackDownmWWE tends to not address these types of off-camera issues on camera. It’s not a good practice to cross over into real-life drama when that real-life drama makes every party involved look bad. One can’t imagine FOX would be too pleased if WWE glorified the situation and worked it into creative.

Will WWE Fans Let This Slide?As WWE heads towards touring again, will the fans let this slide? That seems unlikely. The WWE Universe is chomping at the bit to get involved in WWE programming again. The first thing they tend to do is reach for the low-hanging fruit. Boy, does this ever qualify.

The Usos have a lot of fans, as does Reigns and Heyman. That’s probably not enough to keep the crowd quiet if WWE trots Jimmy out into a ring as though nothing happened. Again, Reigns will catch the a good chunk of the criticism by association.

Honestly, this may not even be about respect or a lack thereof. It might just be as simple as an easy way to be heard and no one should be surprised if the fans look to steal the show.There May Be No Easy Solution For WWEAs much as the company might like to put this matter behind them quickly, that may not be an option here. Regardless of which direction they choose, there’s a chance it’s the wrong choice to make.

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman If Jimmy comes back with no suspension or punishment, WWE will take inevitable heat for that decision. If he’s removed from programming for a while, the storylines will dramatically suffer heading into a very big pay-per-view in SummerSlam. If WWE addresses the elephant in the room, it’s bound to backfire and if they don’t, fans may hijack the show just because they can.All the while, Reigns will have to try and keep doing what he’s been doing, which is excel as the company’s top heel each and every Friday night.

The Lesser Of Many Evil Perhaps the way to go here is to take Jimmy off television for a while, have Heyman address the fact that the Usos are not around and have Roman simply say, “There’s a standard of excellence this family has to live up to. Until Jimmy and Jey can prove they can do so, they won’t be back.”

Reigns doesn’t need to specifically address the news. WWE isn’t ignoring it and WWE can avoid putting Jimmy out there only to be crucified. It’s not perfect because it changes the direction for Reigns’ character and alters his quest to prove he’s the best in his family. At the same time, it opens a door for WWE to push Reigns toward a storyline where he’s simply demonstrating no one can defeat him. After all, he does hold some incredible records this year and he’s undefeated in 2021.That’s an angle WWE can push and still have it be believable.

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2 responses to “What Should WWE Do With Roman Reigns After Jimmy Uso’s Arrest”

  1. Tracy thresher says:

    I hope jey uso stays and Jimmy stays but make Jimmy urn the trust back from wwe and still compete as a tag team.

  2. Annette Haugabook says:

    Roman needs to continue to address issues with the family that make them look bad and not united.