What’s Going On With The Initials On CM Punk’s Shoes?

CM Punk has been writing initials on his shoes before AEW appearances, and fans who have noticed have been busy trying to figure out what they might mean.

CM Punk returned to wrestling last week to one of the biggest reactions in the industry’s history. Punk’s return has been watched, rewatched, and picked apart in just about every way possible. Good job he made his second appearance on Dynamite this week so the whole process can start over again.

AC, BW, And CF

There is one thing from Punk’s debut on Rampage fans still haven’t been able to figure out, and the plot thickened on Dynamite. The former WWE Champion has initials written on the sides of shoes. On Rampage, one shoe had AC written on it, while the other had CF. Last night one shoe had BW written in the same place, but it’s unclear if the other shoe had the same or anything at all.

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The frontrunner when it comes to theories is that the initials belong to wrestlers who will soon be coming to AEW. AC could be Adam Cole, and BW might well be Bray Wyatt. That theory falls apart when it comes to the CF, though. The only wrestler fans have been able to think of is Charlotte Flair. Even though her other half is in AEW, it still seems incredibly unlikely The Queen will defect anytime soon.

What’s Next For Cole And Wyatt?

As for the two names fans think they have figured out, neither is guaranteed to show up in AEW. The latest on Wyatt is that Impact wants to bring him in, while Cole’s future is still very much up in the air. He may still be under contract with WWE until the end of this week, or his latest deal might have ended after NXT TakeOver 36.

There will be a lot of dream matches on Punk’s list, some of which will be with stars who haven’t even signed with AEW yet. Perhaps Punk is just trying to tell Tony Khan who he’d like to share a locker room with by subtly writing their initials on the sides of his shoes. Fans will be looking very closely at what’s written there from now on.

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