3 WWE Superstars who should be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns and 3 who should not

Roman Reigns is currently in the middle of what is considered by many to be one of the best World Title reigns in recent memory. With an amazing portrayal of his heel persona, intriguing storytelling, and multiple memorable matches, The Tribal Chief has arguably been the best thing in WWE since his return.

Throughout his 365+ days run as the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns has defeated several top stars. This includes the likes of Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro, and most recently, John Cena. Things have gone to the level where whoever does finally defeat him will be in for a massive push. The question now is – who could do that?

Let’s take a look at three WWE Superstars who should be the ones to finally dethrone Roman Reigns and three who should not. Be sure to comment down and let us know your thoughts on the same.

#3 Should dethrone Roman Reigns: Big E

Let’s start with Mr. Money in the Bank 2021, Big E. The New Day member has been a massive fan favorite and the WWE Universe wants to see him finally get a huge singles push and a world title victory.

Big E was the second-ever NXT Champion, winning the title by defeating Seth Rollins in 2013. He dominated NXT in its early years and proved that he is more than capable of winning a world title on RAW or SmackDown.

With him holding the Money in the Bank contract, the chances of that happening look higher than ever before. We have already seen him in some hilarious segments backstage on SmackDown with Roman Reigns’ special counsel Paul Heyman. Arguably one of the biggest babyfaces on the WWE roster currently, Big E deserves to be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns.

#3 Should not dethrone Roman Reigns: Edge

Edge’s miraculous return will always be a memorable moment for every pro-wrestling fan. It is great to see him back and do what he loves and can now end his career on his own terms.

The Rated-R Superstar has given us some amazing matches since his return against the likes of Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and even Roman Reigns. Edge faced the Universal Champion at WrestleMania 37 earlier this year in a triple threat with Daniel Bryan, and then at Money in the Bank in a singles match. He was not able to win either of those matches but recently stated that he is coming for the Universal Championship again.

Edge has done it all in the business and is one of the all-time greats. As much as fans would love to see him hold the world title one more time, it should not come at the expense of Roman Reigns. Edge does not really gain anything from defeating Roman Reigns, but a younger talent could benefit immensely from it.

#2 Should dethrone Roman Reigns: Drew McIntyre

One of the most memorable matches during Roman Reigns’ current run came at WWE Survivor Series 2020. At the pay-per-view, he faced then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a “Champion vs. Champion” match. It was a battle between the biggest heel and biggest face in WWE and the two delivered a great match. In the end, Roman Reigns was able to steal a victory through some heelish tactics.

Fans and critics had massive praise for both the stars. Triple H even claimed that the two could have a feud similar to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Rock. There is definitely a lot of unfinished business between McIntyre and Reigns, which could make for a great feud for next year’s WrestleMania. With the WWE Draft right around the corner, McIntyre could be a great choice to be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns.

#2 Should not dethrone Roman Reigns: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar recently made his grand return to WWE at SummerSlam. He confronted the Universal Champion Roman Reigns, making his intentions clear to come after him.

Fans are really looking forward to seeing how this feud plays out, especially with the role Paul Heyman plays in it. We have seen Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar take on each other several times, however, their upcoming feud has the potential to be the best. With the roles reversed, and Heyman in a dilemma, we are surely in for some great television.

Brock Lesnar definitely seems like a legitimate threat to The Tribal Chiefs’ reign. However, WWE should not book Lesnar to be the one to dethrone him. While fans are behind Lesnar now, it won’t take them long to turn on him if he gets yet another world title reign. It also comes down to the fact that he does not need this victory as much as Roman Reigns does to further solidify his character.

#1 Should dethrone Roman Reigns: Finn Balor

Long before Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship, Finn Balor was the inaugural titleholder, winning it at SummerSlam 2016. Unfortunately, his title reign ended just a day after that due to a shoulder injury. To this day, fans still wonder – what if Finn Balor did not get injured? How would his title reign have played out?

Finn Balor recently returned to SmackDown and is currently in a mini-feud with the Universal Champion. With a proper storyline and booking, it would be a great idea to let Balor be the one to finally dethrone Roman Reigns. WWE has even teased the return of The Demon King persona and if that happens, Finn Balor could have a real chance of becoming the new Universal Champion.

#1 Should not dethrone Roman Reigns: The Rock

Arguably the biggest dream match for Roman Reigns ever since his Tribal Chief gimmick debuted is against The Rock. It is very well known that Reigns and The Rock are related in real life and belong to the same family. With Reigns calling himself the Head of the Table, it just makes sense for the real Alpha of the Anoa’i family to come back and confront him.

There’s no doubt that Roman Reigns vs. The Rock would be a huge feud, leading to a lot of mainstream attention on WWE’s product. However, WWE should not let The Rock defeat his cousin to become the new Universal Champion. The Rock should pass the torch over to Reigns, putting him over as the true Head of the Table.


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