WWE Superstar on the advice they received from Triple H before their WrestleMania debut

Damien Priest recently revealed the advice he received from Triple H, moments before his WrestleMania debut.

Before their match, Priest and Bad Bunny were nervous, but some timely words from The Game put things into perspective for the Archer of Infamy.

Priest recently sat down with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling to discuss all things WWE. Priest admitted he was very nervous when asked about his WrestleMania debut tag team match with Bad Bunny.

“That was the day I felt the most nervous,” Damian Priest admitted. “I remember walking towards the curtain, and we both collided and laughed a lot because we couldn’t even walk, but at the same time it was something that relaxed me because he was nervous and he is a top superstar, he is Bad Bunny… that made me think that it was ok, that I could be nervous too. Then I took a breath, and just before crossing the curtain, Triple H came and said, ‘Now go and get it. You deserve this moment.'”

Triple H had some good advice for Damian Priest before his WrestleMania debut

Damian Priest said Triple H’s words made him feel so much better and got him in the zone for his big WrestleMania debut. He added that the moment would stay with him for a lifetime.

“Those words made me feel so much better,” Damian Priest continued. “And I entered the zone ready for war for the first time in front of the fans as a RAW Superstar, at WrestleMania, and in a huge stadium… Cool! What a moment that will stay with me for a lifetime because it was so special.”

Do you think Triple H’s comments to Damian Priest and Bad Bunny before their match at WrestleMania helped their performance on the show? Would you like to see a match between Triple H and Damian Priest in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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