The 10 Best TNA PPV Events In History, According To

The history of TNA has seen the company having a mixed reputation, but there is no denying they delivered great moments at their best. PPV specials have been the business model used to pay off major stories and have the top matches. CageMatch is the ideal site to check fan reception with a cumulative rating of every show.

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The best overall PPVs from TNA are remembered for the great matches and a lasting legacy. TNA has had special monthly PPVs for about 17 years now with them all having a score on the popular website. The best overall events have the highest ratings on CageMatch and deserve to be watched back today.

10 Slammiversary 2012 (Bobby Roode Vs Sting): 8.0

Austin Aries Vs Samoa Joe

The TNA roster was stacked in 2012 and it showed with a strong card at Slammiversary that year. Sting and Bobby Roode had a polarizing main event, but it delivered enough to close out an all-around impressive show.

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CageMatch rated the event at a strong 8.0 for the depth. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels stole the show in an all-time great TNA tag match. Brooke Adams winning the Knockouts Championship in her hometown over Gail Kim, and Joseph Park beating Bully Ray in a street fight provided feel-good moments.

Sacrifice 2007 (Kurt Angle Vs Sting Vs Christian Cage): 8.07

AJ Styles Kicks Samoa Joe

TNA did a good job booking a great event for Sacrifice 2007, featuring their three biggest stars in the main event. Kurt Angle defeated Sting and Christian Cage in the main event for the TNA World Championship, but a controversial finish set up a ladder match at the next show.

Other standout matches included Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles, Chris Harris vs James Storm in a Texas Death Match, and Chris Sabin vs Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt for the X-Division Championship. CageMatch rated the show an 8.07 as one of the best early PPVs from the first few years.

Against All Odds 2006 (Christian Cage Vs Jeff Jarrett): 8.08

Samoa Joe Dives On AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels

TNA felt like they were taking their first major steps towards moving up the ladder in early 2006 at Against All Odds. Christian Cage won his first world title in wrestling by defeating Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The semi-main event of AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels for the X-Division Championship also hit a home run. CageMatch readers rated the show at 8.08 for one of the more well-rounded shows in the company’s history.

Unbreakable 2005 (AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe Vs Christopher): 8.27

Raven NWA Champion

The greatest match in TNA history is often considered to be the main event of Unbreakable 2005 with AJ Styles defeating Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe to win the X Division Championship. Dave Meltzer gave TNA their only five-star rating for the match between the three workhorses, along with CageMatch rating it the best sole match in TNA history.

CageMatch rated Unbreakable a strong 8.27 rating with the main event as the main reason. Raven and Rhino had a fun hardcore brawl for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the semi-main event to add two memorable attractions.

Turning Point 2005 (Jeff Jarrett Vs Rhino): 8.29

Samoa Joe Vs AJ Styles

The end of 2005 gave TNA some strong momentum with the additions of Christian Cage and Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz). Turning Point 2005 ended the year with a great event rated an 8.29 from the CageMatch readers for card depth.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino in the main event to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but that wasn’t the peak of the show. AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe and Christian vs Monty Brown were the best outs of the night to gain such a high rating.

Slammiversary 2019 (Sami Callihan Vs Tessa Blanchard): 8.35

Tessa Blanchard Vs Sami Callihan

The past few years of rebranding from TNA to Impact Wrestling gave the company some well-received PPVs. Slammiversary 2019 was a top-five rated all-time show with an 8.35 rating from the CageMatch audience.

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Sami Callihan defeating Tessa Blanchard closed the show in the first huge chapter of their rivalry. The undercard featured Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin and John Morrison vs Rich Swann were the other standout bouts from the strong night of action.

Bound For Glory 2007 (Sting Vs Kurt Angle): 8.65

Kurt Angle Vs Sting

TNA decided Bound for Glory would be its biggest event in 2005 and it reached a peak just two years later. Bound for Glory 2007 was a great night for the company with Sting defeating Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship in the main event.

A strong undercard saw Christian Cage and Samoa Joe having the highest-rated match in the semi-main event. Gail Kim made history that night by becoming the first-ever Knockouts Champion on a memorable night. CageMatch rated the show an outstanding 8.65 for the great night of action.

Slammiversary 2018 (Austin Aries Vs Moose): 8.79

Rich Swann Vs John Morrison

The Impact Wrestling rebranding started to take shape around Slammiversary 2018 when the company gained positive attention for the first time in a few years. CageMatch’s audience loved the show enough to give it a high 8.79 rating.

Austin Aries and Moose main evented the show for the TNA World Championship, but a strong undercard led the night. Pentagon vs Sami Callihan in a hair vs mask match and the OGz vs LAX each stole the show with must-watch matches.

Destination X 2012 (Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode): 8.86

Christopher Daniels Vs AJ Styles

Destination X 2012 may have been the peak of the Hulk Hogan era with a loaded card. The night featured a celebration of the X-Division with Austin Aries cashing in his reign to defeat Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship.

TNA went all out for the under-card with AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle continuing two of the greatest rivalries. CageMatch rated the show an 8.86 for one of the most enjoyable nights ever produced by TNA.

Turning Point 2009 (AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe Vs Christopher Daniels): 8.92

Samoa Joe Clotheslines Daniels AJ Styles

The final few months of TNA before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff gained power delivered some of the best wrestling in company history. Turning Point 2009 received the best show rating for any TNA PPV by CageMatch readers at a remarkable 8.92 out of 10.

TNA went back to the legendary rivalry of AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels in the main event for the TNA World Championship. Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe delivered a classic in the semi-main event worthy of closing most other events. The Knockouts Division was still going strong as well with a fun match between Awesome Kong and Tara.

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