Charlotte Flair Having 12 WWE Singles Title Reigns Ultimately Means Nothing

Charlotte Flair is arguably the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. From an in-ring standpoint to a charisma standpoint, she stands high and large above most of the women to have ever wrestled. She has the accolades to match this, with six Raw Women’s Titles, five Smackdown Women’s Titles, and a Divas Championship. But when does too much become too much and has it gone too far with Flair to the point where it doesn’t mean anything at all?

Charlotte Flair celebrating Raw Smackdown Womens Championship

Make No Mistake, Charlotte Flair Is Great

Flair was one of the women who led the Women’s Revolution, proving that the women in WWE could be legitimate stars and main eventers. She was among the first women to main event a WWE pay-per-view and to main event Wrestlemania. She’s won NXT gold, the Women’s Tag Team Championships, a Royal Rumble and a Match of the Year award, so to say her large amount of reigns means nothing is not a criticism to her ability or star power, but simply to the fact that the number is irrelevant.

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This is largely because her reigns have been lacking. Not one reign stands out as memorable or iconic. If you look to other people with much less reigns, such as JBL’s time as WWE Champion, people look back and remember the moments and memories during his time as champion, despite only winning the belt just once, similar to Eddie Guerrero when he held the gold. These champions, regardless of numbers or length, have reigns that mean more than Flair’s do.

Eddie Guerrero JBL WWE Champion

Charlotte Flair’s Actual Reigns Have Been Short

Despite some memorable shorter reigns from others, a big reason as to why Flair’s number feels so empty is that most of the reigns have been short. This takes away much of the credibility from her as a champion, as it means she has lost the belts nearly as much as winning it. Looking at some of the lengths of her reigns, it’s obvious to see why this is the case; 29 days, 12 days, 5 days, 1 day, 1 day again.

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Flair’s longest reign as Women’s Champion on the main roster was just 143 days. In total, those twelve reigns don’t even reach the 500-day mark. Compare that to Becky Lynch’s 398-day dominance as Raw Women’s Champion, or Bayley’s collective 520 days as Smackdown Women’s Champion in just two separate reigns. They both felt more important and impactful.

Bayley Smackdown Womens Champion Becky Lynch Raw Womens Champion

Often it feels like she wins the title briefly just to add another tally to the total, in a clear as day attempt at pushing her closer to her father’s historic 16-time world title record. The tally means nothing when it feels forced, and that’s the case here. A few times before a big pay-per-view, Flair has won a championship to make sure that the title match at the show has a larger name, only to lose it again.

Another issue is that her twelve current recognized title wins occurred in just six years. Ric Flair’s sixteen reigns stretched over a career that lasted decades, same as John Cena’s sixteen and Triple H’s fourteen. The Queen has nearly caught up to these legends. In comparison, it took Triple H four years after his debut to even win his first world championship.

John Cena Ric Flair Triple H World Champion WWE Champion

It feels rushed, inflated, and a lot of that can be attributed to the latter half of 2016. At the start of the year, Flair was a one-time champion, and by the end she was a five-time champion. In the last six months of the year, Flair and Sasha Banks played hot potato with the title, with it changing six times between the two within that period. Those numbers meant that in just a short space of time, Flair was already approaching half a dozen.

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WWE Has Artificially Inflated Charlotte Flair’s Title Wins Record

The contradictory acknowledgment of her reigns has also called into question how prestigious they feel. At one point, WWE started using her two NXT Women’s Championship reigns to bump up the number, but then backed out of it and ignored them as part of the total. Additionally, despite entering Wrestlemania as the Divas Champion and leaving as the Women’s Champion, with the title only being replaced rather than changing hands, WWE has classed this as two separate reigns. These inconsistencies and uncertainties make the actual number unclear and questionable, which is not ideal when attempting to break records. It brings to mind WCW artificially adding wins to Goldberg’s undefeated streak when it was already mighty impressive.

Charlotte Flair Ric Flair NXT Women's Champion

It’s no doubt that Flair’s championship matches have been full of exciting, wonderful matches, with some fun moments and classic main events. However, her being a twelve-time champion means much less to many others who have held the belts in the same time frame. Her star power is inarguable, but her eventual and inevitable record-breaking number down the line will be tainted.

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