Paul Heyman Teases Twists And Turns Coming In Reigns And Lesnar WWE Storyline

Paul Heyman spoke with The New York Post ahead of Friday’s SmackDown at Madison Square Garden. Among the things he noted, is that if fans think they have figured out where this storyline between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar is going, and how it pertains to his involvement, the WWE Universe has no idea what’s coming.

Heyman said, “There’s a lot of decisions to be made and there’s a lot of scenarios that can play out and I dare suggest anyone who thinks that they have this figured out doesn’t have a clue as to the twists and turns that could and will come in the near future.” He added that everyone knew this situation that saw him start to work with Reigns was going to be an issue down the line for Lesnar and would come to a head someday. He added, “This is an unanswered question that has to be addressed and no better place to address it than Brock Lesnar’s first appearance on television in 18 months in The World’s Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden live on television.”

This is not to suggest that Friday’s SmackDown will offer all the answers to the many questions fans and Lesnar might have, but Heyman’s promotion of the show suggests WWE creative is going that direction with the storyline and it’s not as simple as Lesnar wanting a shot at the Universal Championship.

Does this mean Lesnar is the babyface? Does it mean he’ll do his own talking for a while? Could Heyman turn on Reigns — something he teased before SummerSlam and Lesnar’s return — or is there another direction WWE wants to go here that no one will see coming?

Roman Reigns Universal Champion Cropped

WWE Needs A Strong Storyline

With the buzz going strong for AEW and everyone in his “lovefest phase” for a company that has brought in big names, WWE needs a reason to get fans to tune in and talk about their programming. The Lesnar, Heyman, and Reigns storyline could be it.

Heyman also teased that there may be more people set to join the Bloodline in the not-too-distant future. That alone makes this even more intriguing.

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