Why Was The Sin Cara Project In WWE Such A Failure?

WWE loved the idea of making Sin Cara their next big luchador after Rey Mysterio’s success. The idea of a homegrown character using the Mexican wrestling tradition seemed perfect on paper. Mexico wrestling legend Mistico was signed to play the character. The hype of a huge free agent added to WWE’s desired push of introducing him in a major way.

Sin Cara turned into a huge missed opportunity due to failures from all parts. Vince McMahon didn’t put him in the best position to succeed with some of WWE’s decisions. However, Mistico also dropped the ball on his part and was eventually replaced by Hunico. Nothing could work to save the once-promising idea. Sin Cara is always going to be remembered for being an all-time failed WWE project.

Sin Cara Was Triple H’s First Major Signing

Many fans forget that Triple H received some power in the backstage world for WWE before taking over NXT. The talent acquisitions for WWE started to cycle through Triple H and his time started with Sin Cara as one of his first signings. NXT shows that Triple H wanted to bring the international flair of talents from all over the world to WWE for their global reach.

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Mistico’s star power in Mexico was massive at the time and he had drawn comparisons to Rey Mysterio long before WWE tried to force it. The timing of Triple H signing Mistico to play Sin Cara came in time for a debut after WrestleMania 27. WWE liked to plan huge returns or debuts on the Raw after WrestleMania to showcase the importance with this new character following that trend.

Triple H Promo

Everything about the hype for Sin Cara was due to Triple H’s vision for a new luchador draw. Mysterio was struggling on and off with some injuries leading to WWE hoping to have another act like him.

Sin Cara’s Horrible Debut In WWE

Some wrestlers will never be able to rebound from a bad start. Sin Cara witnessed this in the first few weeks when having a few noteworthy botches. The character couldn’t connect to the audience without much talking and the weak in-ring moments added negative momentum. One of the biggest criticisms towards Mistico’s portrayal of the character was the inability to adapt to the WWE style.

Lucha libre is highly entertaining, but there are some noticeable absences of selling or continuity in the action. Mistico’s timing always felt off and it resulted in the botches during his early matches. WWE trying to fast-track him to the main roster led to him not fitting into the WWE landscape like the other talents who came through developmental.

Sin Cara

The fan base never got behind Sin Cara the way that is needed for that gimmick to work. WWE took a terrible risk by adding a fake Sin Cara character with both wrestlers feuding. The hope was that the audience would develop a stronger connection with the real version after winning a Mask vs Mask match. It just led to fans caring even less about him and having more confusion of his backstory and strange additions like a blue lighting for his matches.

WWE Gave Up On Sin Cara

WWE does deserve credit for protecting Sin Cara’s victories in the struggling first few months. Sin Cara was a gimmick they badly wanted to get over, but the failed feud against the impersonator showed things weren’t changing any time soon. The push stalled shortly after as Sin Cara was placed in the standard 50/50 booking of WWE.

WWE would no longer place him above most of his opponents and things continued trending negatively. Mistico developed a negative reputation for consistent injuries and backstage drama. The last ditch-effort to team with Rey Mysterio in the tag division couldn’t save him, despite the match quality improving.

Mistico was fired with WWE bringing back the impersonator Hunico to wear the Sin Cara gear for real now. WWE would eventually move him back to NXT where Sin Cara teamed with Kalisto as the Lucha Dragons. NXT success built some hype for the gimmick to finally work out in a tag team, but their run underwhelmed on the main roster.

Sin Cara WWE

Sin Cara remained on the lower end of the WWE roster depth when someone was needed typically to put the others over. The gimmick reached the point of no return when fans associated it with losing and flops. WWE believed that Sin Cara would be the next Rey Mysterio, but he was a massive failure.

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