WWE Champion Big E and AEW wrestler share a heartwarming exchange about Brodie Lee

Big E’s WWE Championship win was universally celebrated throughout the wrestling industry last night across multiple companies.

Some moments occur in professional wrestling that unites fans and wrestlers alike, for sad reasons such as Brodie Lee’s tragic passing last year, and for happy reasons such as Big E reaching the pinnacle of this industry by capturing the WWE Championship. But sometimes these moments can blend together.

After Big E won the WWE Championship last night, there was an overwhelming wave of love showered upon him on social media. During this, RAW Superstar Mustafa Ali took to social media to reflect upon how Brodie Lee would have felt about this moment, tweeting out:

“Brodie would be so happy,” Mustafa Ali tweeted.

This simple tweet made an important moment in Big E’s WWE career all the more profound as it’s hard to find two wrestlers universally loved more than Big E and Brodie Lee.

Earlier this morning, AEW’s Stu Grayson of The Dark Order took to social media to reflect on how happy Brodie Lee would have been to see Big E’s crowning moment last night:

“I can only imagine how happy Jon would be. Congratulations @WWEBigE,” Stu Grayson tweeted.

Big E saw the tweet and responded mere minutes later, revealing that he was thinking about Brodie Lee during the biggest moment of his career:

“I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing and hugging him after the match. What a tremendous man our friend was,” Big E tweeted

Big E and Stu Grayson remember their friend Brodie Lee

While it is sometimes all too easy to live in the moment, it’s heartwarming to see that an iconic moment such as this allowed wrestlers to fondly remember their good friend that left us all far too soon.

When professional wrestling makes you feel something, there’s nothing like it. Fans and wrestlers alike felt something last night when Big E defeated Bobby Lashley to capture the WWE Championship for the first time.

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