The IIconics, Matt Hardy, and other former WWE Superstars react to Big E’s first World title win

Big E won the WWE Championship after successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on last night’s episode of RAW, and several former WWE Superstars took to Twitter to congratulate him.

Having declared his intention to become WWE Champion before RAW, Big E made good on his word and ended the episode with the title. He did so after Bobby Lashley retained the belt against Randy Orton, winning a short but competitive match against The All-Mighty. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods immediately ran to the ring after he became WWE Champion to celebrate.

The moment has been met with universal praise from fans and wrestlers alike. We have covered the reactions of several current Superstars on Twitter, but many former WWE stars have also congratulated Big E on his victory. This shows how beloved he is among his peers, past and present. Quite a few AEW wrestlers reacted as well.

Some of the most notable names include WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry and Booker T, as well as AEW stars Andrade and Matt Hardy. Here is a compilation of the best reactions to Big E’s WWE Championship win from former Superstars:

Cash Wheeler breaks character with a heartfelt message.
Cash Wheeler breaks character with a heartfelt message.
Matt Cardona congratulates Big E with a profane tweet.
Matt Cardona congratulates Big E with a profane tweet.

What’s next for Big E as WWE Champion?

WWE could cement Big E as the next big star with a strong world title reign. Fans will hope to see him keep the Championship for a while and defend it against all challengers. Several Superstars may be in line for a title shot once the New Day Member finishes his feud with Bobby Lashley.

This is exactly what Monday Night RAW needs. A fresh top babyface will give the red brand some fire, as it looks to further improve in quality. WWE has given Big E the ball, and hopefully, he runs with it full speed ahead.

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