Edge wants a mega match with this SmackDown heel

Edge spoke with Sports Illustrated in an exclusive interview, mentioning that he wanted to face Sami Zayn in the future.

Last week, Edge and Seth Rollins tore down the house in a barnburner of a match at Madison Square Garden. The rematch had big shoes to fill after their match-of-the-year contender at SummerSlam. The two men went to war with each other once again in a main-event worthy matchup.

Speaking ahead of his stellar clash with Seth Rollins, Edge mentioned that he would love to work with Sami Zayn. He wanted the match to be in Toronto with the Canadian vs. Canadian aspect in the backdrop of the feud. Edge detailed that Sami had perfected the art of getting the crowd to boo him as a heel and a match with him would make for good television.

“I would love to share the ring with Sami Zayn.” Edge continued, “There’s a key to Sami’s success. There is an element of truth to all his promos. As a heel, you have to have that nugget of truth. If you have it, you can push everything else forward. So his promos feel much more real. He’s doing incredible work. The crowd just knows to boo this guy. That’s to his credit. His promos, his character work – Sami is incredible.”

What’s next for Edge?

The clash between Edge and Rollins was a highly personalized encounter filled with animosity and emotion from start to finish. The final moments were hard to watch as Rollins neutralized Edge with a series of devastating kicks. The final nail came when Rollins planted the 11-time World Champion with a stomp for the three-count.

The Ultimate Opportunist had to be stretchered out of the arena after his match with Seth Rollins this past Friday on SmackDown. Rollins injured Edge’s neck to the extent that the Rated-R Superstar may need some time off from the ring. Whenever the Hall of Famer returns, there is a strong possibility of him going after Rollins for a final blowout clash.

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