Ric Flair Comments on RVD’s “Dark Side of the Ring” Clarifications, Says He Tried to Destroy His Reputation

Ric Flair took to Twitter this evening and reacted to “Dark Side of the Ring” clarifications made by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam.

We noted earlier how RVD tweeted clarifications to his comments made during the recent DSOTR episode on WWE’s infamous “Plane Ride from Hell” in 2002, specifically the controversial allegations made against Flair and his behavior towards two flight attendants, which Flair continues to deny.

RVD made the comments after watching the DSOTR episode. He wrote, “Just watched DSOTR. Heavy. Some insight for those who can handle it. 1) I haven’t seen Ric Flair’s dick. My comment about fans shouldn’t see him doing the helicopter was a response to DSOTR telling me that’s what they were told. They shouldn’t. I don’t want to see it either. 2) I said ‘trying to make her touch him’ referring to his body crowding her space and her backing up like bad breath was in her face.I thought maybe they were playing(from seeing a similar scene at the hotel bar)but I wasn’t interested in naked Ric. Still ain’t.I tried to sleep.”

A fan responded and asked RVD, “Can you confirm to us, to the best of your recollection Rob, did you see Ric Flair specifically grab her hand and place it on his genitals? This is what the majority of people believe you’ve said. Looking for a one time tweet out there for clarification for everyone.”

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RVD responded, “I can confirm I didn’t see that and I didn’t say that. Creative editing will have people hearing it different ways.”

Another fan wrote, “He said that he saw him in the back of the galley for several minutes but he didn’t go back there to see what was going on”

“True,” RVD wrote back.

Another fan posted a DSOTR screenshot showing how RVD stated, “I remember him like crowding her and, you know, trying to make her touch him and stuff.”

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RVD responded, “Yes. She couldn’t by him without touching him because he was blocking the way”

In an update, Flair responded to an article on RVD’s comments and expressed disbelief in what was said.

“A Man Tried To Destroy My Reputation Based On An Assumption. I Don’t Even Know What To Say Right Now,” Flair wrote.

Flair then clarified what he was referring to by posting a screenshot of RVD’s tweet that said, “I can confirm I didn’t see that and I didn’t say that. Creative editing will have people hearing it different ways.”

RVD has not responded to Flair’s comments as of this writing. You can see the related tweets below:








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