Ruby Soho On Her Reaction To Getting Released

During her appearance on Oral Sessions, Ruby Soho spoke on how upset she was over getting released by the WWE. Here’s what she had to say:

Full blown panic attack. It was just unexpected, it was super unexpected. I did not see it coming by any means. I probably wouldn’t have bought a house (if I had). But I’m very happy that I did and that it all happened in the time that it did. But I definitely had full blown crying and freaking out, and I ate a couple boxes of Oreos. Just had a full blown meltdown. Thank god Sarah was immediately (there). I called her ‘hey, I got fired.’ ‘I’m on my way.’

And she just came and gave me the biggest hug. Thank god for her, because I was freaking out. And I went through waves of that over the 90 day time period, of ‘oh no I’m good. I’m going to be fine.’ Then I would panic, then I’d be like ‘oh no I’m going to be fine’ and then panic. It was waves of it that that just kept coming. But right now I’m just so happy with how things have played out and how things have fallen into place so perfectly. I’m not mad at all.

I knew that one of the steps in buying the house, whenever I bought houses previously it had been when I lived with a family member or for the guy I was dating at the time, or whatever. I had never bought a house for me. And this was the first step in buying something for me, buying a home for me. And then I kind of wanted to just be like ‘okay, I made that step. Now the decisions I make going forward, especially now having been released, I have to start making choices for me. I have to start being selfish a little bit.’

I love helping. I wanted to take care of my family and now that I was financially able to when I was in WWE, I did a lot of that. But I didn’t focus on myself a whole lot. So that’s pretty much what I spent the next 90 days doing, is building a life for me when I wasn’t involved in wrestling in some capacity.

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