5 types of matches The Undertaker popularized in WWE

In pro-wrestling, there are superstars, legends, and, above them, is The Undertaker. A stalwart like no other, The Undertaker has kept his relevancy alive for 30 years in WWE.

Known for putting superstars over and creating iconic moments, the Phenom has achieved everything there is in this business.

His WrestleMania streak of 25-2 speaks volumes of his insatiable need to always perform at the very best, anointing him as arguably the best wrestler to ever enter the squared circle.

The Undertaker’s signature moves–like The Chokeslam, The Tombstone Piledriver, Snake Eyes, The Last Ride, and Hell’s Gate–have etched his legacy in the minds of every WWE fan.

Apart from the iconic moves, The Deadman has been part of some of the most unique matches, striking fear in his opponents’ hearts.

In this article, we look at five matches The Undertaker has popularized in WWE.

#5 Inferno Match – Kane and Undertaker

The brainchild of The Undertaker’s manager, the late Paul Bearer, the first-ever Inferno Match took place between the kayfabe half-brothers, Kane and The Undertaker at Unforgiven 1998.

The ring was surrounded by fire and the superstars had to be careful about suffering actual burns. Kane and The Undertaker put on a stellar show as no one knew what to expect from this innovation. To see the flames go up when The Undertaker performed Old School was a sight to behold.

The Big Red Machine lost the bout as his older brother set his arm on fire.

The half-brothers fought again in an Inferno match on RAW in 1999 and, since then, there have been three more, with Kane being a part of two of them.

#4 Buried Alive Match – Undertaker’s playground

The Buried Alive match has been The Undertaker’s playground. The Phenom has been a part of all five Buried Alive matches that have happened till date. The rules of this match are simple: bury your opponent in the six-foot grave and win.

One of the most memorable Buried Alive matches took place at Survivor Series 2003, when The Undertaker, in his American Badass avatar, was buried alive by with the help of Kane. The Undertaker would then return at WrestleMania next year as the Deadman to comfortably topple his kayfabe half-brother.

Apart from this iconic match, The Undertaker has also had memorable showdowns with Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin in this gimmick match.

#3 Hell in a Cell Match

The Undertaker pioneered this demonic 16-foot structure with his first match against Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood in 1997. This match also witnessed the debut of The Undertaker’s storyline half-brother, Kane, who broke the cell door and tombstoned the Deadman, giving Michaels the victory.

One of the most iconic Hell in a Cell match was the following year in 1998 when The Undertaker tossed Mankind from the top of the cell onto the announce table.

The Phenom was also a part of the 2012 Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 28 against Triple H which was pinned as the End of an Era match.

#2 Boneyard Match – Undertaker and AJ Styles created magic

The Undertaker’s last outing, The Boneyard Match, has been the best cinematic creation by WWE to date. Much like a Hollywood film, the babyfaced Phenom, in his biker avatar, entered the boneyard to fight his nemesis AJ Styles.

The match went back and forth with Taker also fighting off Styles’ goons, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and the druids who attacked him. In the end, the rightful babyface prevailed as the Deadman buried Styles to cement his WrestleMania legacy in his final match as an in-ring competitor.

#1 Casket Match – Countless opponents have been made to Rest in Peace

The Undertaker has put countless opponents into the casket, which is another match the Deadman popularized.

From the likes of Kamala, Yokozuna, King Mable, and The Rock in the 90s to the Big Show, Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero, and, more recently, Rusev have all suffered the same fate. They have been made to Rest in Peace.

The casket match has truly defined the legacy of the Phenom and, to date, has sent chills down the spine of his opponents and the WWE Universe alike.

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