5 things that must happen on WWE RAW, NXT, and SmackDown this week

Several good matches and segments are set to take place in WWE this week. With NXT TakeOver: WarGames and WWE Day 1 on the horizon, the creative team will be looking to book big rivalries and matches.

On RAW, Edge will make his return and possibly come across his next challenger. Meanwhile, Finn Balor will be looking to get back at Seth Rollins for the vicious attack last week. Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan might have another heated segment to build their future RAW Women’s Championship match.

On NXT 2.0, the next challengers for the NXT Tag Team Championships will be crowned. NXT will also look to find out who’ll get the advantage in the WarGames matches for Sunday’s TakeOver.

Brock Lesnar’s return has been announced for the next episode of SmackDown. Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn will likely be on the edge during the entire show. Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm’s rivalry needs a push. WWE could look to make things a little more interesting this Friday.

Take a look at the five things that must happen on RAW, NXT, and SmackDown this week.

#5. Kevin Owens must attack Edge on his return to WWE RAW

Edge is ready to make his return to WWE RAW after some time away. He defeated Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and took a break after his big win.

The WWE Hall of Famer will have a lot on his mind when he returns this week. Edge could come face to face with Seth Rollins, but the creative team should put their rivalry to rest and begin a new one.

WWE must allow Kevin Owens to come out on RAW while Edge cuts an emotional promo. KO should be allowed to interrupt The Rated-R Superstar and hit him with a stunner to end the segment.

Owens recently turned heel and could be a great opponent for Edge. He should be out of the WWE Championship picture and enter a rivalry with Edge instead.

The angle will allow WWE to keep two of its top RAW superstars busy in a rivalry and away from the WWE Champion. Meanwhile, it will clear the path for a good match between Big E and Rollins in the weeks to come.

#4. Big E must save Finn Balor from a beatdown on WWE RAW

Seth Rollins jumped Finn Balor on WWE RAW before their match could begin. This week, the two men will once again meet in the middle for a potential match.

Balor will likely try to attack Rollins to get back at him. However, WWE must allow The Messiah to get the better of Balor before the match even begins.

Big E must then come out to save The Prince and take down Rollins. The angle will allow WWE to build a better rivalry between Big E and Rollins before the two men possibly meet in the ring on Day 1.

#3. Tony D’Angelo must win the advantage for his team on WWE NXT

A superstar from each team for TakeOver: WarGames will meet in a ladder match on WWE NXT. The winner will get the advantage at TakeOver during the cage match.

It’s unclear who will represent each team from the men’s side during the match. WWE must look to put Tony D’Angelo in the ring during the big match.

D’Angelo must be allowed to put on a good show and win the contest for the heels. It will help solidify as a top star in NXT and also give the heels an advantage over the veterans of the brand for TakeOver.

#2. New challengers for the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships must be crowned this week

Legado del Fantasma and Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner will compete on WWE NXT this week. The two teams will be looking to earn a shot at Imperium’s NXT Tag Team Championships.

Legado del Fantasma has been chasing the tag team titles for a long time now. However, WWE must allow the new team of KOR and Wagner to pick up the win.

Imperium is a heel team and needs a good rivalry against babyfaces to establish itself as the top champions. O’Reilly and Wagner can give Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel some good matches and possibly take the titles away from them at a later date.

#1. Brock Lesnar must destroy Sami Zayn on WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn won the Battle Royal to become the next challenger to Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. While he was celebrating, Kayla Braxton announced that Brock Lesnar would return to SmackDown this week.

Lesnar has stolen Zayn’s spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match in the past. WWE must allow The Beast Incarnate to once again take Zayn down and his spot for a match against Reigns.

WWE can then look to book a match between the two superstars at Day 1, which will help establish the pay-per-view.

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