“She missed” – former WWE manager points out the flaw in the Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm segment (Exclusive)

manager points out the flaw in the Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm segment (Exclusive)

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Dutch Mantell recently discussed this week’s segment where Toni Storm hit Charlotte Flair in the face with a pie.

Mantell was on this week’s episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk to review the latest episode of WWE SmackDown.

Dutch Mantell claimed he called it out well in advance that Toni would soon have her revenge on Charlotte. Mantell, however, has one issue with the segment. He pointed out that Toni Storm missed Charlotte’s face, and the pie went over her head. The former WWE manager detailed that Charlotte later guided the pie to her face:

“I called the deal with Toni Storm and Charlotte Flair. I said she needs to get hit in the face now. And there it was. When she started on her way back there, there she was. And she missed! She didn’t get her flat on the face. It went over her head. I think she finally got it down in her face but that’s the only thing that she could have done.”

You can watch the full video here:

Charlotte Flair was irate after getting hit with a pie

Charlotte Flair was in a dismissive mood this week on SmackDown as she marched to the ring. The Queen mocked Toni Storm and made it clear she’d never recuperate from last week’s humiliation. However, Storm surprised Charlotte with a pie to her face.

In a backstage segment, WWE correspondent Megan Morant walked up to the SmackDown Women’s Champion to get her thoughts on the incident. Charlotte Flair was infuriated and refused to comment on the events that transpired earlier in the evening.

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