“It’s f***ing ridiculous” – WWE Hall of Famer reacts to alleged instruction during Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

Bully Ray (f.k.a. Bubba Ray Dudley) has strongly criticized an alleged instruction given to WWE fans during Becky Lynch’s match against Liv Morgan.

Becky Lynch retained her RAW Women’s Championship in the main event of Monday’s episode of RAW in Memphis, Tennessee. As the match drew to a close, Bully Ray learned on social media that security staff at the event told WWE fans to remain seated.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer questioned why fans were not allowed to stand up and react to the enthralling match.

“I’m getting tweets toward the end of the show where security is telling people to sit down. It’s f***ing ridiculous. Let me just say it… it’s f***ing ridiculous. A main event is in the ring and nobody’s standing, nobody’s cheering, nobody’s popping. It’s the main event of a Monday Night RAW and you’re not going buckwild?” Bully Ray asked.

The finish to the match saw Becky Lynch grab hold of the rope as she pinned Liv Morgan to pick up the victory. The referee did not see the RAW Women’s Champion’s illegal move, which meant the unpopular outcome was allowed to stand.

Bully Ray thinks all the fun was taken out of Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

This week’s RAW main event was the biggest match of Liv Morgan’s career so far. The former Riott Squad member had never previously challenged for a singles title on WWE television.

Given the importance of the match, Bully Ray thought WWE fans should have been allowed to show their excitement in the crowd.

“Either you suck as a city, which I don’t think Memphis does, or there are people in that building who are telling you to sit down, thus taking all the fun out of it. If I’m at home and I’m watching that main event from last night, I’m like, ‘Wow, there’s really nothing going on here. These people are not excited. These women must suck,’” Bully Ray added.

The wrestling legend clarified that he likes both Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. However, he believes the presentation of their match suffered due to the lack of crowd reaction.

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