WWE legend is not excited to see Edge vs. The Miz; suggests intergender storyline  


Pully Ray (f.k.a. Bubba Ray Dudley) believes that Edge and The Miz’s current feud is “just a typical WWE storyline.”

The Rated-R Superstar and The Miz (w/ Maryse) initially crossed paths on the November 29th episode of RAW. This week, Edge and The A-Lister had a war of words, leading to the confirmation that both men will clash in singles competition at the Day 1 pay-per-view.

Upon being recently asked whether or not he was excited about their upcoming match, here’s what Bully Ray had to say on Busted Open Radio:

“Listen, not really. Because I know what I’m gonna get. This is just a typical WWE storyline. I would like something different. I would like something other than ‘typical.'”


The WWE Hall of Famer added that Edge and The Miz would undoubtedly do well as far as promos and their match at Day 1 is concerned. However, he would like Beth Phoenix (Edge’s wife) and Maryse (The Miz’s wife) to get significantly involved to make their storyline more intriguing.

“I’d like to see The Miz have somebody standing next to him, and her name, would be Maryse Mizanin. And I want to see Edge having somebody standing next to him, and that woman’s name, is Beth Phoenix. I want The Miz and Maryse versus Edge and Beth moving forward. Because Edge and Miz, ‘Okay, yeah, sure. Two WWE Superstars. Great promos. Great matches. Been there, done that.’ But the intergender stuff with the wives? Now we’re on to something,” Bully Ray added.

Bully Ray wants WWE to utilize The Miz’s “Dancing with the Stars” background

7:18 AM · Dec 7, 2021



Before feuding with Edge, The A-Lister was on a wrestling hiatus to compete on the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars. As a result, Bully Ray suggested a dance-off segment between the two WWE couples.

He also gave his predictions for The Miz and Edge’s upcoming clash.

“Maryse will interfere. Miz will go over. The next night, they’ll come out and put themselves over about how they beat Edge. Beth will come out. And that’s how they’ll set the table and move forward. It’s a very simple way to do it, but I think it’ll be effective. Now, I’d like to see the four of them in some interesting matches. You get a regular tag match out of them. Because The Miz was involved with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Miz and Maryse challenge Edge and Beth to a, you know, the waltz, the tango,” said Ray.

Although Maryse did not appear on this week’s RAW episode, reports indicate that she is officially back on the red brand’s roster and will show up regularly for WWE moving forward.

Rumors regarding Beth Phoenix’s potential involvement in her husband’s current feud have also made the rounds lately. Judging by Bully Ray’s recent comments, he is most certainly looking forward to those rumors coming true.


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