5 WWE Superstars that desperately need to turn face at once

WWE has inundated pop culture with some of the greatest villains in history. Some could even compare the deviousness of Vince McMahon to Lex Luthor, Negan, or even Skeletor.

But unlike some of the greatest villains from the big and small screen, somehow, a redemption arc is always an option for WWE Superstars.

Currently, five WWE Superstars are doing exceptional work as heels. That said, there’s still the potential for them to win over fans as babyfaces. It may be wiser for them to go over to the good side at this time.

Here are five such contenders who need to turn babyface at once because their potential as heels may have run its course. If you think there are some names we’ve missed out on, please name them in the comments below.

Yes, Sami Zayn has played the cowardly heel for a long time now, but there is a lot of equity in him as a babyface. He was proclaiming, from every rooftop, that WWE management was out to get him, but we paid him no heed. And then, look what happened. Brock Lesnar destroyed him to a pulp just before the biggest match of his career, against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

He deserves a fair match against Roman Reigns. To accept this match and take the Tribal Chief to the limit, he needs to be a babyface. Based on how hated Reigns is right now, the crowd would undoubtedly rally behind Zayn as the underdog.

Imagine Kevin Owens becoming the WWE Champion at Day 1 and Sami Zayn winning the Royal Rumble. How cool would it be to see a babyface Zayn vs. a heel Owens at WrestleMania 38?

#4 WWE RAW star Becky Lynch

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is undoubtedly doing a commendable job as a heel. But this begs the question as to when she turned to begin with. After all, she returned as the hottest babyface in the business.

Sure, she’s elevating young faces like Liv Morgan these days. But she can do the same with promising heels like Queen Zelina, Carmella, and Doudrop. Becky Lynch will thrive in whichever role she is cast in, but a face run may do her a world of good.

#3 WWE RAW star AJ Styles

In the eyes of many WWE fans, AJ Styles is the best pro wrestler in the world. Certain NJPW, AEW, and IMPACT Wrestling fans too may agree with the assessment.

As great as he has been as a mentor to the next big thing, quite literally named Omos, Styles needs to branch out on his own. Luckily, this seems to be the company’s route down anyway. A babyface AJ Styles is money.

#2 WWE RAW star Otis

#1 SmackDown star Shayna Baszler

Yes, she’s Shayna Baszler’s hired muscle and everything. But Charlotte Flair needs a strong opponent after Toni Storm, and there’s nobody else in WWE except maybe Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, who’s at Flair’s level right now.

A babyface Shayna Baszler is long overdue, and yes, she can definitely get over with the crowd. She has that edge that many WWE Superstars are missing, especially among the babyfaces.

With Becky Lynch seemingly going heel, the women’s division has long needed a bada***, and Baszler is the right fit!



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