“What just happened? Why is it so busy” – Xia Li opens up about being drafted to WWE’s main roster

WWE Superstar Xia Li said she had no idea about being drafted to SmackDown until it was announced on television. She recalled the time her phone was filled with messages, which made her realize the massive move by the promotion.

Xia Li was drafted to WWE SmackDown on night 2 of the 2021 Draft. Her arrival was announced through a series of vignettes portraying her background and upbringing.

Li revealed she had no clue about the announcement and was eating at home when the same was made. When her phone was full of messages, Li learned she had been drafted to Smackdown:

“I found out while I was eating at home. I just hear my phone go beep, beep, beep and there were many messages. I’m thinking, ‘What just happened? Why is it so busy? Oh, I got drafted!’ That’s how I found out. Before that, I was having some dark matches at SmackDown, so I know that’s the test.””My friends told me about [doing dark matches]. If they move me up, that’d be great. If not, I’m happy with what I’m doing in NXT, so I’m okay with both because I believe one day if that happens, I will be there [no matter what].”Xia Li said everything in the vignettes was on point
Xia Li revealed that everything in the vignettes was 100 percent correct. Li said she was shocked because she didn’t know how the ultimate product would look:

“That vignette is a real story about my real life. I’m happy they put my real story on TV…When they [aired] it, I cried. If I have that feeling, they will have that same feeling…I had a dream, like a superhero dream, when I was a child, so this is kind of my dream come true…I’m surprised they did this whole package for me…I found out at the same time as you…I’m sitting in the back, like, ‘Oh my god, so good!’ They did an amazing job.”

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