What really happened at the WWE Live Event with Jeff Hardy finally revealed – Reports

Jeff Hardy was released from his WWE contract following a “rough incident” during his recent live event match in Edinburgh, TX. Dave Meltzer disclosed several details of what happened at the house show in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Hardy teamed up with Drew McIntyre and King Woods to take on The Bloodline in the main event, and the babyfaces picked up a big win over Roman Reigns and The Usos.

Meltzer revealed that Jeff Hardy ran around the ring before the match and posed with fans for photos. The strange part about Hardy’s pre-match routine was that babyfaces usually interact with fans in such a manner after their bouts.

“The live description we got is that Hardy, 44, started running around ringside posting for photos with the fans before the match. The faces are supposed to do that after the match,” revealed Meltzer.

Jeff Hardy worked that match, and there was nothing peculiar about his selling until he tagged out of the contest.

The Charismatic Enigma vanished into the crowd and the match continued with Drew McIntyre hitting a Claymore kick on Jey Uso for the three-count.

Later, the Scottish superstar grabbed the microphone and informed the crowd about his missing partner. Hardy was nowhere to be found as the faces celebrated their victory.

As reported previously, Jeff Hardy was sent home from the event and was pulled from the following night’s show in Corpus Christi.

“He worked the match and mostly sold, and we didn’t hear anything unusual about that,” Meltzer continued, “When he hot tagged out, he just disappeared. Because the match was going on people didn’t notice. After McIntyre hit the Claymore kick to pin Jey, Jeff was nowhere to be found, after disappearing into the crowd. McIntyre even got on the mic and noted we seem to be missing a partner and said, “If found, please point him in our direction.” He then was sent home and didn’t work the show in Corpus Christi the next night.”

The aftermath of Jeff Hardy’s WWE release


Dave Meltzer also revealed the real reason why WWE released Jeff Hardy, as we covered right here, and also noted down details of his immediate future.

Jeff Hardy must sit out his 90-day non-compete clause before he looks to make a wrestling return. The former WWE champion will not be eligible to sign with another company until March 2022.

The 44-year-old superstar will soon be a hot free agent, and many fans have already expressed their desire to see him reunite with Matt Hardy in AEW while also sending their good wishes to the veteran superstar.

However, there could be a massive roadblock that prevents Jeff Hardy from signing with AEW, and you can read all about it right here.


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