Darren Young reveals the possibility of WWE collaborating with New Japan Pro Wrestling

On Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast, former Nexus member Darren Young said John Laurinaitis, head of WWE talent relations, spoke to him about a possible collaboration between Vince McMahon’s company and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

John Laurinaitis took over WWE talent relations eight years ago. Laurinaitis made his first WWE appearance as an on-air authority figure on June 27, 2011. His on-screen stint was interesting, including famous feuds with John Cena and CM Punk. Punk referred to Laurinaitis as a “glad-handing, nonsensical, douchebag yes-man” who’d “tell Vince McMahon everything he wants to hear” in his famous “pipe bomb” promo.


Darren Young said Laurinaitis reached out to him after taking over WWE talent relations to find out his whereabouts. It was a brief conversation, which Young hopes to be true someday:

“At the time when John Laurinaitis took over talent relations, he reached out to old talent…seeing how things were. I said ‘Hey John, everything is going great. I’m with New Japan and doing my thing.’ He goes [impersonates John Laurinaitis] ‘Yeah, you know, I did a run in All Japan.’ I told him I watched his stuff and he talked about a possible partnership with New Japan and WWE. I said that’s great and that was that.”

“Who knows what that relationship could have been, but that’s what he told me. But never say never, bucket list for me is Daniel Bryan. We did original NXT, and we trained together, but come to New Japan Strong. It’s a new show with New Japan, and work me, put us on the map. That’s my challenge to Daniel Bryan. That forbidden door is so wide open.”

Darren Young on global icon Cher reaching out to him

During a chat session with Sportskeeda, Darren Young revealed why global icon Cher reached out to him. Young was accompanied by Antonio LeMons, a star of the popular black LBGTQA+ talk show.

Darren Young said he did not realize that his coming out was a big deal until Cher contacted him:

“I didn’t realize my story was a big deal until, of all people, the icon Cher reached out to me and said that because of her hearing my story, one of her friends who’s a big wrestling fan, came out. It was at that minute that I realized my story was a big deal. So you’ll hear people say that ‘oh, I need a break from social media’. But I can’t take a break from social media. I’m Mr. No Days Off.”

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