Did Chris Jericho save Jeff Hardy from an in-ring injury?

Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy are two of the most popular wrestlers of all time, both having spent time in various promotions spanning decades. Jericho and Hardy have also faced multiple injuries throughout their careers.

Having worked together for a long time in WWE, they had various matches against each other. There was a moment in one of these matches where Jeff Hardy could have been seriously injured.

Did Chris Jericho save Jeff Hardy from an in-ring injury?

The answer is yes. On an episode of SmackDown in 2009, Hardy and Jericho were involved in a singles match against each other. The former tried to perform his iconic move Whisper in the Wind but unfortunately, his feet didn’t land properly on the top rope. His legs got hooked on the rope and he was about to fall right on his head when Chris Jericho used his incredible instinct to push his opponent back up, preventing an in-ring injury.

Chris Jericho is one of the most intelligent wrestlers of all time and has an amazing passion for the sport. This wasn’t the only time he saved an opponent from getting injured and there have been instances where his opponents have saved him from injuries too.

Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho both recently made headlines

The wrestling world was left in shock when WWE released legend Jeff Hardy. According to a report from PWInsider, the reason behind the release was Hardy himself.

During a live event in Eiden, Texas, Jeff Hardy competed in a six-man tag team match. He moved lethargically throughout the match and later disappeared into the crowd, leaving the match before it was over. PWInsider revealed that WWE offered him rehab treatment but he declined.

Chris Jericho recently got fans buzzing as he was recently hospitalized during a recent Fozzy tour in the United Kingdom. It has been revealed that it was due to a non-covid treatable health issue. Due to the former World Champion’s health issues, a Fozzy show in Wales was unfortunately canceled.

We at Sportskeeda hope that both stars get well soon and return to entertain their fans.

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