I refuse to ever call her that” – WWE Hall of Famer is not a fan of the Doudrop gimm

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry did not mince any words when he recently shared his issues with the Doudrop gimmick.

Doudrop is the new name of former WWE NXT UK star Piper Niven. The company repackaged her as Doudrop upon her arrival on WWE RAW, and the name has been a point of criticism among fans ever since.

During the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Henry described how he felt that a performer like Niven deserved a better character than Doudrop. He noted that the specific term was a thing and not even a proper name. The legendary star then stated that he refused to refer to the Superstar as Doudrop:

“I will not call her Doudrop,” said Henry. “It’s beneath her. It is absolutely beneath her. She’s a person, a Doudrop is a thing, and I refuse to ever call her that.”


WWE renamed Piper Niven as part of her storyline with Eva Marie, who is no longer with the company. Several fans have urged WWE to drop the Doudrop character, but the creative direction regarding her name has not changed for the better.

That being said, Doudrop is slowly rising up the card as she is currently in a feud with Bianca Belair, but Henry emphasized that WWE should have introduced her strongly in the first place.

Mark Henry wants Doudrop to get the respect she deserves

The veteran wrestler also stated that Doudrop should not be judged by her size and added that she must be allowed to showcase her complete skillset. That can only happen once the company alters her character and ends the forgettable Doudrop experiment.

Overall, Henry noted that he was thoroughly impressed by her performance against Belair. He argued that the NXT UK star just needs to be presented differently on TV to get over with the fans.

“She can use what she’s working with as good as anybody that they brought up in the last five years…,” Henry continued. “Piper Niven, the one match that she had shows that she can be their equals if she’s revered and respected and put in a position to where she can work like that every night.” H/t SEScoops

What are your predictions for Doudrop’s ongoing feud with Bianca Belair? Do you agree with Mark Henry’s views? Let us know in the comments section below.

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