“It does something to my soul” – AEW star is a fan of Brock Lesnar’s babyface character

Mark Henry is admittedly a big fan of Brock Lesnar’s recent character change.

The AEW star shared his admiration for the WWE star’s new gimmick during the latest episode of Busted Open Radio. Henry said that fans often forget that Brock legitimately has an excellent personality for TV and that the former WWE Champion has very good timing.

Henry is pleased that Lesnar isn’t portraying the role of an emotionless beast anymore. He highlighted an interesting moment featuring Paul Heyman from a recent episode of SmackDown:

“Just him looking at the hard camera and smiling; it does something to my soul. I think that this is gonna be the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Brock because Brock has got a good personality, y’all. He’s very entertaining. His timing is very good, and now we get to see that because he’s not stone-faced. He’s not angry Brock all the time. Now, you noticed when Paul Heyman started saying, ‘Reigning, defending,’ Brock’s face turned red. His expression changed,” revealed Mark Henry.

Mark Henry pointed out that the current on-screen avatar of Brock Lesnar has only been seen once before in the WWE, way back in the early 2000s:

“Brock can turn it on and turn it off,” continued the WWE Hall of Famer, “and that’s the specialness of who he is, but I just wanted to point that out that this is a Brock that we’ve only seen one time, and that was quite a while ago, and now we get that Brock every week. It’s awesome.” H/t Sescoops

SmackDown isn’t short of entertainment value these days as fans have been treated to a rare babyface run for. It has been refreshing to witness Brock Lesnar smiling and cutting promos on the Blue brand.

Brock Lesnar is preparing for a massive Day 1 clash against Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar’s amusing segments with Sami Zayn have undoubtedly been one of the significant highlights of SmackDown in recent weeks. The storyline has effectively set up Lesnar and Reigns’ Universal title rematch for the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view. The company’s creative team has received deserved praise for its handling of the championship program.

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