WWE legends that could return for one more match in 2022

With the recent spate of WWE releases, it is clear that the company has a new strategy now. Yes, there’s a core group of full-time talent, but it is bolstered by the arrival of part-timers and legends to work with the current crop.

One has to believe that WWE feels that pitting the past generation against the current one serves two purposes. It can bring in lapsed viewers who may have stopped watching when their favorite stars stepped away. But more importantly, by working with the current generation, the said legends elevate them to the next level.

Who are some WWE legends that could step into the squared circle again, lacing up their boots for one more shot at glory? We’ve knowingly left Goldberg out of this list because we know that he has one match left in his contract.

Be sure to name your choices in the comments. Is there a star you believe could make a super impression upon returning that we may have left out?

#5 John Cena has so many WWE opponents left to face

Let’s start with the one which is almost a certainty, so it’s the smallest surprise. Not only did John Cena put on a great match with Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, the promos leading into the contest were straight fire as well. There’s every possibility that John Cena will return for yet another program at some point down the line.

A lot of it obviously depends on his filming schedule. But John Cena has been an ambassador for WWE even in the cinematic realm, carrying the banner to Hollywood. One has to believe he still has as much to offer the business as he does to the DC Universe.

We need babyface Cena vs. heel Lashley right away!

#4 WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus is still very much involved with WWE and also, in the best shape of her life. As a yoga instructor herself, she has had time to work on the bumps and bruises she suffered in the ring.

She even considers yoga to be a prerequisite for pro wrestlers and sports entertainers, in order to rehabilitate their bodies.

Judging from the match she had with Charlotte Flair not long ago, she could always return for yet another jaunt to elevate the women in the roster.

#3 WWE Hall of Famer Booker T

Look at Booker T’s guns! He teased a return to the ring last year which did not come to pass, but one has to believe that he’s just as ready to compete in 2022.

With the correct amount of smoke and mirrors, Booker T could definitely have a great match with one of the top guys in the business. Even if he’s a step or two slower, his incredible charisma can certainly make up for it.

#2 WWE Hall of Famer Lita

When Sportskeeda wrote an article about WWE stars who could face Lita in a dream match, she retweeted it. It is clear that the WWE Hall of Famer is definitely not done and, in fact, would welcome a challenge with today’s generation.

Becky Lynch even called Lita out on the said Tweet, and if that’s a route the company ever goes down, just remember one thing. It all started with an article from Pranay Rangra of Sportskeeda.

#1 WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is in the best shape of his life. He said that he feels like he’s in his 30s with his current training regimen. We know that his WWE career did not end on the note he’d have preferred. So it makes all the sense in the world for him to come back for one more match, one more run with someone from the current roster.

Hey, if Vince McMahon and Nick Khan don’t do it, Tony Khan may just beat them to the punch.


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