Bronson Reed admits getting angry after his release from the WWE

Former WWE superstar Bronson Reed, who was let go by the promotion in their latest batch of releases, has admitted that he was angry upon hearing the news.

Bronson Reed, who now dons the name Jonah in both Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, has spent his WWE career working for the NXT brand. While many thought that Reed could go on to feature on the main roster after winning the North American title as part of the black and gold brand, WWE did not think something similar.

Speaking to TV host and podcaster Denise Salcedo, Bronson Reed revealed his emotions after he was released by Vince’s brand. The former North American Champion stated that he was angry after hearing the news rather than getting upset as he believes to have worked to the full potential for WWE NXT.

“I didn’t have any emotion of sadness or being upset, which a lot of people do when they get released. That’s the instinct that you go to and of course you should. But I’ve been through so many ups and downs in my professional wrestling career where I’ve had things like this happen before where I was told, ‘no’ and that was it. But this time around, I was more angry because I’d worked so hard through NXT and believed in the black and gold brand.

Bronson Reed would not have liked to be a part of the current NXT product

Bronson Reed – in the same interview with Salcedo – expressed his views on the current product offered by NXT. The superstar said, with all respect to the brand, that he would not have enjoyed working for NXT because of its direction.

Reed also explained that things in NXT could have been directed in the lines of RAW and Smackdown but the current product does not offer much creativity.

“Myself watching the product, and it’s no disrespect to anyone that’s on 2.0, but that is not where I would want to be if that was the direction. It’s never good to lose a job but I don’t think I’d fit in there anyway. I do think I had a lot that could have been done RAW & SmackDown-wise. All us guys and girls that get into the wrestling business want to be at a WrestleMania or a Royal Rumble, and I didn’t get to do those things”

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