How much does The Miz get paid in WWE?

The Miz is amongst the most respected members of the WWE locker room. He is a proven fan favorite who is considered a loyal asset to the WWE. He has been in the wrestling business for over 17 years and has bagged countless accolades during this time.

The Miz comfortably fits the mold of a traditional WWE superstar, a trait that gives him an edge over other members of the roster. He has a charismatic personality, possesses top-notch mic skills, and is an underrated performer between the ropes.

Vince McMahon has shown confidence in The Miz over the years by constantly booking him in significant programs.

Considering The Miz’s high stature in the company, it should not come as a surprise that the A-Lister is also one of WWE’s highest-paid superstars.

So how much does The Miz get paid in WWE?

The former two-time WWE Champion has a net worth of roughly 14 Million USD. He gets an annual salary of around 1.2 Million USD. Apart from his base salary, The Miz also earns from merchandise sales and other ventures.

The A-Lister is a renowned actor as well and has acted in multiple Hollywood movies in his career. The Miz also has his own reality show called “Miz and Mrs.” that further adds to his net income.

The Miz will take on Edge at WWE Day 1.

The Miz recently made his return to WWE RAW after a short hiatus from the company. The eight-time Intercontinental Champion made a massive impact upon his comeback as he interrupted the returning Rated-R Superstar, Edge.

Miz, accompanied by his wife Maryse, went back and forth with Edge on the mic. The latter even took a few shots at AEW, calling them out for mentioning The Miz’s name on their show.

The two men came face-to-face once again on the latest episode of WWE RAW. Edge was invited as a special guest on Miz TV, where the host tried to get into the head of the 11-time World Champion.

Things heated up pretty quickly between the two men. Edge, who was accused of not helping The Miz during his initial career, vowed to teach his opponent a lesson when the time arrives. The segment ended with Miz blindsiding Edge, before laying down his guest with a Skull Crushing Finale.

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