Jeff Hardy finally breaks silence after WWE release; teases huge match

Jeff Hardy has finally opened up about his release from WWE. The Charismatic Enigma has also teased a huge match with his brother Matt Hardy.

Hardy was recently let go by WWE, and the news took the wrestling world by storm. The former World Champion reportedly refused WWE’s offer of rehab and was released as a result.

Jeff Hardy has now made his first appearance since getting released from WWE. The former WWE Champion appeared on Matt Hardy’s Twitch stream and took a hilarious jibe at his WWE release.

He added that he wants to team up with Matt Hardy in an Ultimate Deletion match somewhere down the line. You can watch the stream HERE.

“Jeff Hardy said on Matt’s twitch stream that he would love to do an Ultimate Deletion tag match with Matt Hardy one day,” wrote a viewer.

Jeff Hardy had big hopes for his future in WWE

Before getting released from WWE, Jeff Hardy had spoken up about his future with the company. The former WWE Champion was gunning for Roman Reigns’ Universal Title.

“My number one goal is to be the Universal Champion, like one time, before my career is over. I don’t put a number on how much longer I have, I’m very much living life day to day. I want to entertain people and it’s so exciting to be back in front of live audiences after a year of silence in the ThunderDome. I have all these ideas still and I’m blessed that I still have the passion for pro wrestling that I had when I was 16. Anything is possible in pro wrestling and I’m shooting for the stars,” said Hardy.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jeff Hardy’s dream of becoming the Universal Champion won’t come to fruition. After how things ended between the two parties, one wonders if WWE would be interested in bringing him back in the distant future.

During Matt Hardy’s live stream on Twitch, Jeff Hardy seemed to be in good spirits. It remains to be seen what he has in store for his fans in the coming months. We at Sportskeeda wish Jeff the very best for his future.


A former WWE writer shares his opinion on the Jeff Hardy situation. Catch it live here.

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