Worrying photos regarding latest WWE RAW attendance revealed

This week, fans who attended WWE RAW at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN got treated to a surprising sight at the venue. WrestleTix reports that the total number of tickets distributed (sold and comps included) for Raw this week is 5,192

According to several people who went to see the show, they were moved over to the hard camera side because almost half of the arena was dead empty. The low turnout for WWE has been moving up recently, with RAW even getting poor numbers for their Long Island show.

The low attendance factor can be attributed to some cities just always being sluggish to perform in.

Low attendance shows for RAW can also be the cause of WWE failing to generate much interest with their audience. They need to connect more to strum up more numbers, especially now that AEW is starting to do better in the same locations.

Last week’s AEW Dynamite on Long Island saw them draw in approximately 9,500 fans. Whereas the final count for WWE RAW at the same venue on November 29 drew in just over 5,800 fans in total even while giving out ticket discounts and advertising Edge’s return and Roman Reigns.

Were there any newsworthy moments from this week’s RAW?

WWE RAW has been a bit off recently, with random moments making you feel a disconnect between the larger story. But even then, this week’s episode managed to do something exciting leading up to the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view.

The best moments we saw this week were their ultimate showcase of Bobby Lashley’s dominance. The Almighty One is one of the superstars on Raw getting the golden treatment. But it looks like they also shined some spotlight on Gable Steveson in the process.

The hype around the professional wrestling prodigy will be realized when he shows up to work as an active member of the WWE rosters.

We also saw a great segment of Edge and The Miz that ended in quite a frenzy. Things got physical between the two and saw the former heading for a spear until we got the latter to use Maryse as a human shield to protect himself.

The cowardly act from Miz saw Maryse lash out and slap him, leaving him behind in frustration, and could this be a signal for the end of the couple on-screen?

We also saw Otis score a huge upset win over Matt Riddle and Austin Theory shared a weird segment with Mr. McMahon involving a pencil.


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