Kevin Owens re-signing with WWE was the right move for him

Recent reports have stated that WWE veteran Kevin Owens has inked a new deal to stay with the promotion. This comes after weeks of speculation that both KO and his best friend, Sami Zayn, were all but gone and headed to All Elite Wrestling.

But not so fast, Tony Khan.

In what has been rumored to be a lucrative three-year deal, Kevin Owens will remain with WWE, and he will obviously receive what he wants out of the agreement. He is in too good of a position to settle for less.

In hindsight, this looks to be what’s best for both Kevin Owens and WWE

Owens was already well-known to wrestling fans for his decade-plus career performing under his real name, Kevin Steen. However, he is truly known best for his time as the KO character in WWE.

And that time will continue now, as Kevin Owens decided the grass may not necessarily be greener on the other side. And whether anyone likes it or not, he likely made the best move of his career by staying put.

Pro wrestling seems like it has never had so many major free agents at the same time, which has certainly been compounded by WWE releasing over 80 stars this year.

Add in the fact that All Elite Wrestling appears as if it has an endless supply of money to sign any big names they want, and the juices have been flowing in the minds of the collective wrestling audience.

Fans have been fantasy booking for several months now as each big contract comes to a close or a huge name is released. It’s been fun speculating about who could face who in what organization. We’ve seen several of these matches take place already, with several more still floating out there as possibilities.

While armchair experts always have an answer as to what is best for a performer’s career, it’s important to remember that these are people first. Wrestlers are not Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. They can’t just be taken out of a drawer, banged together in a pretend fight, and then put away. They have lives and commitments that extend far beyond the squared circle and swirling storylines.

Hopefully, Kevin Owens got everything out of this contract extension that he wanted’

Owens is known for his dedication to his family. His kids are starting to get older now, and surely KO was looking for this contract — which is probably one of the last, big ones he will sign — to be a foundation for their future.

Aside from a dollar amount, one of the provisions of this new pact with WWE likely also revolves around his number of appearances. Surely he will have scheduled time off and a lighter overall schedule.

So, if Kevin Owens can make more money working for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, be featured in multiple main events, and be home with his family a little more? Then he would have been foolish to NOT take this offer.

KO was in the catbird seat on this one, so he likely got all of the above to remain with WWE. And that’s a good thing. With an already engorged free agent market, there was no reason to jump in those waters if he didn’t need to get wet.

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