“When are we having our match?” – Retired 5-time world champion challenges Brock Lesnar

Five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce has sent out a challenge to Brock Lesnar for a match.

A couple of months ago, Pearce suspended Lesnar after he attacked WWE officials, including himself. The Beast Incarnate was even fined a million dollars for the same.

Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, Brock Lesnar confronted Adam Pearce in a hilarious backstage segment. He told the WWE official that during the suspension, he hunted a giant moose and hung his head on the wall of his cabin. Lesnar then added that he had named that moose after Pearce.

Recently, Paul Heyman sent out a tweet about the same, taking a shot at Adam Pearce. Replying to the same, the latter sent out a challenge to Brock Lesnar.

“When are we having our match!? #CardSubjectToChange,” wrote Adam Pearce in his tweet.


Heyman replied back to Pearce, claiming that he’s welcome to fight The Beast Incarnate anytime he’s man enough to step up to him.

“@ScrapDaddyAP You’re welcome to fight @BrockLesnar anytime you’re man enough to step up to the #Beast! I am #SpecialCounsel to the #TribalChief, and have no say over whom Brrrrrrrrrock Lesnar CONQUERS!” replied Paul Heyman.

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