Paul Heyman had a “screaming fight” with The Rock’s writer backstage in WWE

Paul Heyman had a disagreement and fight with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who was The Rock’s writer when the legend was in the company.

Heyman and Gewirtz were both a part of the writing team in the mid-2000s. The Special Counsel of Roman Reigns left that role in 2006 after a backstage disagreement with Vince McMahon.

Jim Cornette, on the latest Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru show, discussed The Rock, as well as The Great One’s former writer in WWE, Brian Gewirtz. Cornette narrated a backstage fight involving the former WWE writer and Paul Heyman.

“I guess he (The Rock) loves that fu**ing Brian Gewirtz character, the comedy writer. Everybody has got a flaw and The Rock likes the comedy writer. I still wish I could see video of the fu**ing screaming fight that Gewirtz and Heyman got into, where everybody was like, ‘Please let them fight, please let them fight. We got to see this.’ It was over wrestling because Gewirtz is a fu**ing comedy writer – whether you like him or not, everybody’s on different sides of that fence – Heyman’s a wrestling guy. So, I could see that being enough,” said Cornette.


Cornette said Heyman must have thought he had a chance at beating Gewirtz in a fight.

Brian Gewirtz’s WWE run ended in 2015

Gewirtz quit WWE after being in the company for 16 years. He left WWE to join The Rock’s Seven Bucks Entertainment movie production company.

The former WWE writer is a producer of The Rock’s “Young Rock” show, while he has also been the producer of shows like “The Titan Games” and “Behind The Attraction”.

He recently said that he is writing a book about his time in WWE called Heels and Heroes, which will have backstage anecdotes involving various legends of the pro wrestling business.


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