Alexa Bliss tweets about the inspirations behind her supernatural character

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss tweeted about two of her favorite character inspirations.

Before being written off WWE TV at Extreme Rules 2020, Alexa Bliss had been portraying the character of a possessed girl who carries along with her a demonic doll named Lilly. This character of Alexa also had supernatural powers and was initially mentored by ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt. However, after Wrestlemania 37, Alexa declared that she no longer requires The Fiend and introduced Lilly.

In the context of playing a demonic character, Alexa shared pictures of the movie Orphan and the TV series The Big Comfy Couch as two of her character’s inspirations.

Orphan is about a family that adopts a girl from an orphanage who later turns out to be an old, evil woman donning an angelic exterior. On the other hand, The Big Comfy Couch relates to Lilly. It’s a show about a clown named Loonette and her doll Molly who aim to solve everyday problems sitting on a couch.

Alexa Bliss hints at making a return after three months of absence

In WWE, Alexa Bliss has been out of action for almost three months due to sinus surgery. Her last appearance on the red brand was against Charlotte Flair, who had the RAW Women’s Championship wrapped around her waist at that time.

Alexa Bliss was a big part of the Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt feud. During the latest episode of RAW, the 30-year-old tweeted to tease fans about a possible return to the promotion.


When do you think Alexa Bliss will return to the WWE? What do you think about Alexa Bliss and her Doll, Lilly? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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