“Twitter knew before I knew”- Happy Corbin reveals strange WWE fact he learned on social media about himself

WWE Superstar Happy Corbin has revealed that he learned about his new ring name on social media before even being told by WWE.

The year 2021 proved to be a rollercoaster ride for the former NXT star as he went from being a king to a peasant and then to a very happy, wealthy man.

In an interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Baron Corbin revealed he found out via Twitter that WWE had trademarked Happy Corbin. When asked about the name change, he was told that there were no such plans:

“I heard it actually on Twitter. They’re like, ‘ WWE just copyrighted Happy Corbin’ I was like, ‘What? That’s where we’re, what? So I was confused. I asked (and was told), ‘We don’t really know what you’re talking about.’ Then sure enough, a couple weeks later, they’re like, ‘Hey, your name’s…’ I was like, huh, so Twitter knew before I knew. I mean, that’s how you find out about a lot of stuff. It’s so funny. I have no idea,” said Corbin (H/T-fightful)

“Same with my music, like I showed up to work, and they’re like, ‘Hey, we’re going to rehearse your entrance. I’m like, it’s no different. They’re like, ‘No. You got new entrance music. I was like, ‘Since when?!’ I had no idea. So, it’s just pretty funny. You have to be able to work on the fly a little bit,”- Corbin continued.

Happy Corbin got to know about his new WWE character through a text message

In an interview with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast, Corbin also revealed that he received a text from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon at 2 a.m asking him not to cut his hair or shave his beard for his Sad Corbin phase.

This led to some pretty funny moments in Corbin’s real life as The Lone Wolf had to walk around with his shabby looks.

The broke and desperate version of Baron Corbin was one of the best characters played by the SmackDown Star since his arrival in WWE and helped him get over with fans who were tired of his King gimmick.

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