“People have brought that up to Paul” – Triple H wants veteran to go into the WWE Hall of Fame (Exclusive)

Legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter appeared in this week’s Legion of RAW and revealed that Triple H is in favor of his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Bill Apter’s influential work has rightfully resulted in him being in 16 different Hall of Fames; however, he is yet to be honored by Vince McMahon’s company. Several people have told Triple H that Apter’s name should deservedly feature in the WWE Hall of Fame as well.

As revealed by the legendary journalist, Triple H also believes the company should eventually find the right time and reason to induct him into its Hall of Fame.

Here’s what Bill Apter told Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone on the latest episode of Legion of RAW:


“I have over here; this is my ladder of success. I’m in sixteen different Hall of Fames (turns camera). Not in the WWE Hall of Fame. You know. It’s funny that people have brought that up to Paul, Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and he said, you know, he’s heard a lot of people wanting me in there, and he says eventually, we should find a good reason and do this because there is a lot of people in the later years of the WWE, the younger fans and stuff like that that don’t have the historical knowledge of who I am in the wrestling business. Yeah, I’m on the Network.”

Bill Apter’s legendary career and why he deserves a WWE Hall of Fame induction

Apter’s magazines were a hot commodity in the pro wrestling industry as many wrestlers featured on the covers went on to have fantastic careers.

Unlike other outlets that delved deeper into the backstage events of the business, Bill Apter covered professional wrestling from a kayfabe standpoint and garnered a lot of praise for the insightful approach.

In addition to appearing on a few shows on the WWE Network, his article regarding Bruno Sammartino’s world championship loss was also published on the WWE website in 2014.

Bill Apter’s legacy in professional wrestling might often go unnoticed, but you won’t find many people who’d argue against the 76-year-old’s WWE Hall of Fame induction. As Vince Russo perfectly said during this week’s Legion of RAW, Apter is a national treasure who deserves all the accolades.

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