RAW is gradually becoming the Number 1 show of WWE

WWE RAW has shown signs of massive improvements in the last few weeks. Its storylines have become considerably better as it continues to gain momentum with every passing show. It seems like the Red Brand is finally able to compete against SmackDown, and to some extent, even outshine it.

The Draft proved to be beneficial for the show in many ways. The arrival of top stars such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Edge, and Finn Balor has given RAW a breath of fresh air. It’s taken the burden off stars such as Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton, who have been carrying the show on their backs for a very long time.


The red brand currently has a lot of interesting stories. The WWE Championship picture hasn’t been this entertaining in a very long time.

The involvement of so many different characters in the same storyline has elevated the prestige of Big E’s title reign. He is presented like a credible Champion who is ready to take on the whole roster at once.

The company has also made positive changes to his character, as he has become less goofy and more strategic.

RAW has done a good job when it comes to booking those superstars who are not in the title contention.

Take Finn Balor, for example. The Irishman has yet to have a major title program on the red brand. Since both singles champions on RAW are currently babyfaces, it leaves him somewhat out of that picture.

However, he is still on T.V. every week, facing new and different opponents.

Damian Priest has also been booked as a great mid-card champion. Almost every week, the United States titleholder faces a new opponent. It’s a great way to keep the fans invested in someone’s character. Compare his reign to Smackdown’s Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Do you even remember the last time he defended his title?

RAW’s women’s division has also shown significant improvements. The Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch storyline has a sense of realism. It’s been far superior to the Smackdown Women’s title picture, where Charlotte and Toni Storm are playing with pies.

While Smackdown has much better tag teams, it hasn’t been able to utilize them properly. The Tag Team division is once again about The Usos vs. The New Day, a rivalry that we have seen countless times.

RAW’s Tag Team division has got The Mysterios, Dirty Dawgs, Alpha Academy, and most notably, RK-Bro, who come up with new and exciting material every week.

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