10 Last Second Decisions That Changed WWE Forever

Vince McMahon has made some questionable and risky decisions during his time as chairman. Some of them improved the product while the others were dreadful and resulted in tarnishing the company’s credibility.

Swerves are a regular and an integral part of wrestling and no one can shock the fans better than Vince McMahon. In this article, I will discuss 4 shocking decisions made by Vince McMahon that changed WWE forever.

History can change in an instant. A wrong turn, an off-the-cuff statement, or a single shot can forever alter the course of the world and the people in it. Sometimes, history can be changed completely by accident, with observers and participants having no idea what a monumental moment they just witnessed. More commonly, however, the world changes on purpose, through intentional, measured decisions that change the course of history. Sometimes, these choices are made by world leaders or others who have been selected by their peers to make such decisions. Other times, it’s average people deciding what they think is best for the rest of the population.

In an ideal situation, these monumental decisions are made with plenty of time to consider the pros and cons. However, that’s not always possible. Sometimes, choices have to be made quickly, and everyone has to live with the consequences. These split-second decisions that changed the world are both fascinating and humbling, a reminder to everyone of the potential weight of their words and actions.

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Sharing is caring!


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