WWE Wrestlers Who Received Their Real Vengeful Receipt In The Ring


What makes a great professional wrestler?

What distinguishes the Hulk Hogans from the Great Khalis?

It is clear that wrestling talent is not enough to cement your legacy or Shelton Benjamin would be one of the top WWE superstars.

To be a successful professional wrestler, you have to possess the complete package of necessary talents to have a career that people will talk about years after.

As this list has been attempted a thousand times before, I have decided to rank the best of all time in a slightly different fashion awarding each wrestler a mark out of 50.

Most times, when one wrestler injures another wrestler, it’s an accident. An errant knee breaks a nose. A botched piledriver sprains a neck. A stiff kick fractures a rib. All it takes is a small miscommunication to send someone to the ER.

But every now and then, it isn’t an accident. Maybe it’s a hazing ritual. Maybe it’s a punishment for backstage drama. Maybe it’s a “receipt” for a wrestler who works dangerously or hurts his opponents. Regardless, the injury is purposeful, and the beatdown happens on national television, in front of a live audience.

Because the point of professional wrestling is to look real, it can be hard to distinguish a real beatdown from a staged one. It’s only years later, via shoot interviews, that fans can confirm the truth. Here are 12 times unlucky WWE wrestlers got mauled in the ring for real, and why.

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