Former WWE Superstar accuses Triple H of seriously injuring “two or three guys”

According to ECW legend Sabu, Triple H “probably paralyzed two or three guys” during his wrestling career.

Sabu made his name in ECW in the 1990s before spending a year in WWE between 2006 and 2007. While he never shared the ring with Triple H, the 57-year-old felt that the 14-time world champion often performed reckless moves.

Speaking to PTM’s Vinny Vegas, Sabu criticized both Triple H and Shawn Michaels for their in-ring work. He also alleged that some of The Game’s former opponents are now in wheelchairs:

“A lot of guys got paralyzed by Triple H and by Shawn Michaels with their sh***y finishes and stiff finishes… Triple H probably paralyzed two or three guys. There’s two or three guys in wheelchairs because of him. I don’t think I put anybody in a wheelchair. I might have put one person, maybe, they probably deserved it though,” said Sabu.

Sabu went on to repeat his claim that Triple H put some people in the hospital. However, he did not name any individuals who allegedly became wheelchair-bound due to the NXT founder.

Triple H’s reputation as an in-ring competitor

Triple H is widely considered a safe wrestler by his former co-workers. In fact, the majority of injury stories about The King of Kings center around him suffering injuries rather than inflicting them on other people.

In 2001, Triple H famously continued performing in a tag team match on RAW despite tearing his left quadriceps muscle. He was forced to miss eight months of action as a result of the injury.

The WWE executive also suffered torn pectoral muscles in 2018 at Crown Jewel. Fortunately, he recovered in time to defeat the retiring Batista five months later at WrestleMania 35.

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