When former WWE Champion broke the fourth wall after match with Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 has been etched into the memory of the fans for many reasons. One being, McIntyre’s bold move to break the fourth wall to address fans directly after his historic win in the first WrestleMania held with no crowd.

WWE Superstars seldom go off script and it’s even rarer that they break the fourth wall. One of the most famous incidents of the fourth wall being broken in WWE is the ‘pipe bomb’ promo by CM Punk.

In March 2020, Drew McIntyre went off script and broke the fourth wall after becoming WWE Champion at WrestleMania 36.

WrestleMania has always been an event that is filled with the cheers and boos of a large number of people in the crowd. However, Drew McIntyre’s crowning moment came at the peak of the COVID pandemic when WWE had to organize WrestleMania at the Performance Center with no crowds.

The Scottish Warrior took on Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. The Beast Incarnate proved to be no match for McIntyre as he was defeated in under 5 minutes. It was after the match that the new WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, decided to do something out of the ordinary and broke the fourth wall to connect with the fans watching from home.

Stone Cold praised Drew McIntyre’s decision to break the fourth wall after beating Brock Lesnar

When Drew McIntyre joined Steve Austin as a guest on Broken Skull Sessions, Austin said it was the ‘right call’ by McIntyre to break the fourth wall after defeating Brock Lesnar. The Scottish star revealed that he thought it would be edited out considering how unconventional it was but they decided to keep it.

”I assumed it would be edited. They’ll take that out. I don’t care. This is what feels right, I wanted to say thank you to everyone but it’s weird, 90,00 people, same as the rumble… I would’ve lost my mind, jumping the crowd. But there was silence,” said McIntyre

Drew McIntyre directly thanking the fans at home
Drew McIntyre directly thanking the fans at home

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