Former WWE star Mike Bennett posts incredible body transformation photo

Former WWE star Mike Bennett has undergone a dramatic body transformation, and he recently shared a picture on Twitter.

The two-time 24/7 Champion showed a collage of his ‘before’ and ‘now’ pictures on his social media account to demonstrate how one decision has changed his life for good.

“You are always one decision away from an entirely different life,” wrote Mike Bennett.

He received a lot of positive reactions from his followers, who deemed his transformation as “inspirational.” A few people also asked him to share valuable advice for those who seek similar transformation in their personal lives.

Mike Bennett gets honest about his WWE release

Mike Bennett, formerly known as Mike Kanellis in WWE, worked in Vince McMahon’s promotion for three years. He had asked for his release in October 2019 but went on a hiatus instead.

He returned to compete in February 2020 but did not stay for long. Two months later, Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis were among several WWE Superstars released by the company due to the financial implications posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Bennett was always grateful for his time in WWE and even thanked the promotion for not firing him when he was battling addiction. At the time of his release, he had said the following in an interview:

“When I give them credit, I’m giving credit to people like Road Dogg who would come up to me and check on me. I’m giving credit to guys like Billy Kidman, who would come up and check on me or Goldust who would come up and talk to me. The boys. The boys always looked out for me. And that’s when I say yes, WWE helped me. They did. The guys in the company helped me and I will still say this, and people will try to manipulate my words all the time. I’m very thankful I wasn’t fired because I wanted to work at the company at that time. And so like, the fact that they didn’t fire me for being a drug addict, went a long way with me now.”

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