5 Possible replacements for Seth Rollins at WWE Day 1

With WWE Day 1 only days away we, unfortunately, learned that Seth Rollins will be out of action on account of contracting Covid-19. We wish the talented superstar, behind the despised heel, a very speedy recovery.

But time and tides stop for no one, especially one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. So, one has to wonder who will replace Seth Rollins at WWE Day 1. Luckily, there’s a very talented roster filled with supremely gifted stars that could be up to the task.

Who could potentially step up to the plate at WWE Day 1 and mix it up with WWE Champion Big E, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley? Here are five likely contenders.

PS: There’s always the possibility that the match will just be made a triple threat affair. We’re not taking that possibility into account in this article, however.

#5 Could Austin Theory get his moment at WWE Day 1 this coming weekend?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Austin Theory is being groomed to be the next big thing on WWE RAW. He has yet another chance to impress Vince McMahon by defeating Finn Balor this week. And if he does, then the opportunity presents itself for Theory to be added to the big match at WWE Day 1.

In fact, Mr. McMahon could cheat and conspire to ensure that Theory has the upper hand during the match. Even though both Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley are technically heels, Theory could come in as the teacher’s pet, someone that the Chairman of the company is rooting for. And in doing so, could be the biggest heel of the match.

Austin Theory does not have the star power of Seth Rollins yet. And hence, he’s not our first choice to replace Seth Rollins at WWE Day 1.


Could Finn Balor enter the title picture at WWE Day 1 without fans being disappointed? The answer is yes. Yes, until now he’s been doing his best to mold Austin Theory into the next big thing, but sometimes, you need to grab the bull by the horns. Finn Balor being crowned the next WWE Champion may not be the worst decision in the world either.

#3 Remember that AJ Styles is doing nothing at WWE Day 1 either

In the eyes of many a fan in the WWE universe, AJ Styles is the best professional wrestler in the world. He can do things in the ring that he hasn’t even showcased during his WWE tenure, which is a shame because he’s capable of so much more.

Well, now he’s no longer allied with Omos anymore, and therefore, he could potentially replace Seth Rollins at WWE Day 1 in the WWE Championship match. Even if he comes up short, at least his name will be mentioned in the title picture once again.

#2 Could Rey Mysterio shine at WWE Day 1 with a well-deserved opportunity?

Rey Mysterio would be the perfect WWE Day 1 replacement because he can match Seth Rollins in speed and athleticism. One may even go so far as to say that for certain fans, he is superior to Seth Rollins in terms of star power. One has to strongly believe that as great as his current run has been, it could have been so much better. WWE Day 1 could be Mysterio’s chance to shine.

#1 When you need a competent heel, Elias is perfect

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