(VIDEO): Top Heel Saves Drew McIntyre from attack at WWE Live Event

Former WWE Champion Sheamus seemingly turned face during a live show. He came to the rescue Sunday night in Tampa Bay, FL, to assist Drew McIntyre from an assault by the Usos.

The two were then scheduled to face-off against the Bloodline for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions on the same show

As reported by multiple outlets, WWE’s Live Holiday tours in both New York City and Tampa have had to make adjustments to their cards due to COVID-19. Roman Reigns was set to appear in Tampa alongside the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but was pulled from the event altogether.

At the start of the show, the audience was told that multiple WWE Superstars would be absent from the show. Drew McIntyre appeared to kick off the event and began talking about his connection to Tampa. He mentioned FCW and competing with no fans during the height of the pandemic era in the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field.

The Usos interrupted and attacked McIntyre. Suddenly, Sheamus appeared to help McIntyre fight off the Samoan duo. Sheamus said that he and McIntyre started in WWE and in Florida together and they could put the past aside for now. The two then challenged the Usos to a tag team title match later in the night.

Was Sheamus’ face turn at the WWE Live Event legit?

Despite what seemed to be a solid alliance between the two fierce warriors, Sheamus stayed true to his heelish ways and eventually turned on McIntyre in the closing moments of their tag team match.

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