RAW Superstar says WWE paid him “a lot of money” to make The Great Khali look good

MVP got paid a handsome sum of money to make The Great Khali look good, as per the former’s latest tweet.

Back in 2008, Khali was one of the scariest acts on WWE TV. Current RAW Superstar MVP was a mainstay on SmackDown at the time. On the December 26, 2008 edition of SmackDown, he took on The Great Khali in singles action. In the end, it was the Indian giant who stood victorious.

WWE recently shared the match via its official Twitter handle, and a fan responded to the tweet by stating that the outing didn’t turn out well for MVP. The former United States Champion noticed the tweet and reacted to the same.


The Great Khali was quite an unstoppable force back then

Contrary to The Great Khali’s final years in WWE, he was a force to be reckoned with during 2006-08. He defeated The Undertaker in his very first feud in the company in 2006. Khali went on to win the World Heavyweight title in 2007 by winning a 20-Man Battle Royal on SmackDown.

Here’s what The Great Khali Khali said about his WWE debut:

“Vince said, ‘I want to debut you’ but he didn’t say who is my opponent. He gives me a call and says, ‘come to TV after WrestleMania.’ Same day, Michael Hayes said, ‘You have a big day. You need to go out during Mark Henry and fighting and you need to ‘Kill The Undertaker.’ I was so happy. ‘He tried to explain and Vince said, ‘Yes! Kill him hard! Not easy.’ That moment was really great. All the world knew who was Great Khali. I want to thank Vince McMahon and WWE for making Great Khali. I appreciate Vince McMahon and WWE.” [H/T Fightful]

Khali wasn’t a technically-gifted athlete like Bret Hart or Kurt Angle, but his intimidating stature and menacing look made up for it. He was a major attraction during his early years in WWE, and helped the promotion bag millions of new fans in the Indian subcontinent.

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