WWE Day 1 – 5 possible moments that could steal the show – Major return, Superstar unexpectedly wins world title?

WWE Day 1 is about to arrive. It is the first time this event has been organized by the promotion. Various major matches have been announced for the event, with multiple titles set to be defended.

Major stars like Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and Big E will compete in interesting matches where major storylines may meet their end.

It is also the last pay-per-view after the road to WrestleMania officially begins. This hints that many storylines will meet their end on January 1st. With many stars being removed from recent house shows, there might be some last-minute changes to the match card.

Here are five possible moments that could steal the show at the event.

#5. Seth Rollins shocks everyone and steals the show at WWE Day 1

The WWE Championship is set to be defended in a fatal four-way match at WWE Day 1. Big E will defend his title against Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley.

We already know that Seth Rollins has tested positive for Covid-19. He posted a tweet saying: ‘Happy Covid Christmas to me!’. It’s unclear if he will appear at WWE Day 1. It will surely be surprising if he recovers fast enough to compete in the fatal four-way match.

His appearance at the event is already a shocker. But what if he competes and wins the WWE Championship at the event? That would send massive thrills through the fans watching the pay-per-view.

Fans have been wanting him to become a world champion for quite some time now. He has been trying to challenge for a world title ever since winning his match at WrestleMania. However, due to some reason or the other, the Messiah was never able to successfully win a world title.

The current character of Seth Rollins is perfect to become a world champion. Most fans will be satisfied if he finally wins gold at WWE Day 1 and him defeating major stars like Bobby Lashley, Big E, and Kevin Owens will send a dominating statement. We hope that Seth Rollins recovers fast and steals the show on January 1st!

# 4. Liv Morgan finally wins gold at WWE Day 1

Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch is the perfect underdog story that will end at WWE Day 1. Both have been feuding for a while now and many fans are rooting for Liv Morgan to finally win the RAW Women’s Championship at the event.

Liv Morgan has gained the support of fans due to her impressive skills on the mic and inside the squared circle. After being involved in various less-important storylines, she finally got a chance to challenge for the Women’s Title. Unfortunately, she couldn’t defeat Big Time Becks a few weeks ago.

The current fan-favorite gets one more chance at the title at pay-per-view. She will surely win many hearts if she manages to overcome the odds and defeat Becky Lynch at WWE Day 1.

#3. The Miz proves his worth at WWE Day 1

The Miz has been involved in an intense rivalry with Edge which will culminate at WWE Day 1.

It all started when Edge avoided The Miz’s name while talking about the stars he wanted to face. Both were involved in an amazing verbal battle where The Miz then stated that 2022 will be the year when he shines, and defeating the Rated R Superstar is the best way to start the year.

Although fans might not expect it, The Miz may possibly defeat Edge at WWE Day 1. Doing this would probably renew their storyline for at least one more match. Him defeating a WWE Hall of Famer is a big deal even if he uses the aid of his wife, Maryse, to capture the win.

January 1st is the perfect day for the A-Lister to prove his worth by defeating one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

#2. Alexa Bliss finally makes a dominating comeback at WWE Day 1

Alexa Bliss was last seen at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 pay-per-view, where Charlotte Flair destroyed her sinister doll, Lily. Fans have been waiting for Little Miss Bliss to return since then.

The Five Feet of Fury was set to undergo sinus surgery, due to which she is currently on hiatus from wrestling. WWWE Day 1 is a great opportunity for her to make her comeback.

At WWE Day 1, Charlotte Flair will defend her SmackDown Women’s title against Toni Storm. After Flair successfully defeated her challenger, Alexa Bliss could shockingly return to attack her former rival. This confrontation would make perfect sense as Bliss could then avenge her beloved Lily.

Hopefully, Alexa Bliss will return with a new character as fans were in protest of the cryptic character she previously showcased. She will be the greatest threat to Charlotte Flair’s title reign if she returns at WWE Day 1. If anyone deserves to defeat the Queen, it’s definitely the Goddess!

#1. Paul Heyman surprises everyone in the main event of WWE Day 1


Fans were shocked when Roman Reigns fired Paul Heyman as his special counsel. It all happened due to Heyman saying that he was protecting Roman Reigns from Brock Lesnar.

Although Paul Heyman later stated that his career might be over, we may see him in some role at WWE Day 1. What if the special counsel betraying the Tribal Chief was just a planned event to make The Beast lower his guard?

If that is the case, Heyman may surprisingly interfere in the main event of WWE Day 1 to make sure that Roman Reigns wins and rehires him as the special counsel.

Brock Lesnar’s ex-advocate pretending to help Lesnar and then turning on him will create a show-stealing moment for the fans to remember. According to Dave Meltzer of PWInsider, Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar rivalry is expected to have multiple matches leading up to WrestleMania.

Paul Heyman’s unexpected move may be the perfect move to continue the heated feud between Reigns and Lesnar. The clash between these titans could easily be the main event of WrestleMania 38.

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