Vince Russo thinks “special attraction” WWE Superstar should have debuted against The Undertaker (Exclusive)

Vince Russo believes Bray Wyatt should have faced The Undertaker in his first match on WWE’s main roster.

Wyatt lost against The Undertaker in their only one-on-one match against each other at WrestleMania 31 in 2015. The 34-year-old, who received his release from WWE in July, previously participated in high-profile rivalries with Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

Russo, WWE’s head writer in the late 1990s, recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about Wyatt’s career. He questioned why the three-time world champion was not presented as a special attraction in the same way as The Undertaker.

“‘Taker could have been the first guy he literally ever even had a match with,” said Russo. “You’ve gotta keep in mind, man, if you go back through history, I remember seeing ‘Taker for the first time. Bro, early on, every time ‘Taker wrestled, it was special. ‘Taker wasn’t one of these guys that just came out and wrestled every week.”

Bray Wyatt is viewed as one of the most creative people in wrestling, but not everyone has the confidence to pitch ideas to Vince McMahon. Watch the video above to hear Vince Russo’s thoughts on released Superstars who did not communicate enough with the WWE Chairman.

Why did WWE release Bray Wyatt?


Bray Wyatt was arguably the highest-profile Superstar to receive his release from WWE in 2021. He had not appeared on television in three months when the news was announced in July, but his exit still came as a major surprise.

Vince Russo, a long-time fan of Wyatt’s work, thinks backstage politics must have played a part in his departure.

“He should have been a special attraction,” Russo continued. “Special, bro, not like everybody else. But like I said, I’m sure it was political, because you can’t miss that badly. It had to be political.”

Russo also said this week that Wyatt had the potential to be the next Undertaker. The former WWE writer believes the released superstar should have conquered The Deadman’s WrestleMania undefeated streak instead of Brock Lesnar.

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